How Much Is Josh Flagg Net Worth In 2022? Who Is The Richest Out Of Million Dollar Listing?

Josh Flagg Net Worth: American real estate agent Joshua Daniel Flagg also appears on television writes books and contributes to several real estate magazines and news sources. He is a founding member of the cast of the Bravo television network’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

The program follows youthful real estate agents as they market luxury houses in Los Angeles. The Wall Street Journal has named Flagg as one of the top-ranked agents in California and nationwide based on sales volume, and The Hollywood Reporter has named her one of the top 25 real estate agents.

A Simple Girl: Stories My Grandmother Told Me and Million Dollar Agent: Brokering the Dream, both books written by Flagg, were released in 2009 and 2011, respectively. Flagg was highlighted as a prominent record-breaking real estate agent on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2012.

In addition, he has appeared in articles for publications including The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Forbes Magazine, Variety, Good Morning America, E!, CBS The Insider, Fox, and Watch What Happens: Live, among others.

Josh Flagg Early Life And Education

Josh Flagg was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 20, 1985. He is the son of Los Angeles residents Michael and Cindy (Platt) Flagg. He is the great-grandson of Benjamin Platt, the founder and proprietor of the nationwide Platt Music Corporation chain of stores, and the grandson of philanthropist, electronics industry entrepreneur, and Jewish activist Herman Platt.

Flagg is the great-grandson of American (born in Austria) fashion industry executive and designer Edith Flagg, who is well known for being one of the first designers to bring polyester into the country as a fashion cloth.

Later, Edith became well-known for her recurring part opposite her grandson on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Flagg was raised in Los Angeles and attended the prestigious Brentwood School, which is located in the Brentwood neighborhood.

Flagg moved away from Brentwood in 2003 and enrolled at Beverly Hills High School, where he eventually graduated in 2004.

Josh Flagg’s Personal Life

Flagg, who resides in Beverly Hills, California, bought a micro-estate from writer/producer David Katzenberg, the son of Jeffrey Katzenberg, in January 2013. Nicolas Pakzad, the son of fashion designer Bijan Pakzad, purchased the property from him in 2015.

Flagg acquired the estate of Tony Award-winning producer Michael Fierman in June 2015. The estate is near Paul McCartney’s house, which he purchased from Courtney Love, and it’s on a street where other famous people have lived in the past and present, including Don Johnson, Prince, and Ozzy Osbourne.

Flagg also owns the penthouse in Century City’s Century Towers building that belonged to his late grandmother. Flagg came out as gay in March 2011 and is openly gay.  Bobby Boyd and Flagg’s engagement was announced through a flash mob at the Four Seasons Hotel George V in July 2016.

On September 10, 2017, the pair exchanged vows at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. In March 2022, the couple made their divorce public. Flagg is one of the biggest collectors of Billy Haines furniture in the nation, in addition to collecting beautiful art and rare automobiles.

He has visited more than sixty different nations and has a passion for both interior and exterior design.

Josh Flagg Career Journey

Josh Flagg quickly achieved great success as a real estate agent and broke numerous records while still a young professional. He took part in the largest sale in Brentwood Park’s history.

Another outstanding achievement was the sale of a $25 million Beverly Hills mansion. Flagg has crossed paths with numerous celebrities throughout his career. Merv Griffin and Dorothy Chandler, two wealthy celebrities, have chosen Josh Flagg as their real estate agent.

Josh Flagg Net Worth
Josh Flagg’s Net Worth

On the opposite side of the deal, Flagg sold several properties to well-known stars like Steve Aoki, Adam Levine, Tom Ford, and Shonda Rhimes. Josh Flagg partnered with Keller Williams in 2009 to launch his own real estate business, “John Flagg Estates.” Later, he began working with Rodeo Realty.

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

When Josh Flagg was featured on the reality television program Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles in 2006, he rose to international fame. Three realtors are followed as they pursue their careers in LA in this television program.

The show initially focused on Chad Rogers and Madison Hildebrand in addition to Josh Flagg, even though other cast members ultimately came and went. Josh Flagg was the only cast member left by season 7. In the tenth season, in 2017, he made his last appearance.

Who Is The Richest Out Of Million Dollar Listing?

  • 8/10 James Harris – $6 Million.
  • 7/10 David Parnes – $6 Million.
  • 6/10 Steve Gold – $10 Million.
  • 5/10 Tracy Tutor – $20 Million.
  • 4/10 Ryan Serhant – $30 Million.
  • 3/10 Josh Altman – $30 Million.
  • 2/10 Fredrik Eklund – $30 Million.
  • 1/10 Josh Flagg – $35 Million.

Other Work

Since he was 14 years old, Josh Flagg has been working on his first novel, which he finally published in 2009. Josh’s grandma, Edith Flagg, is profiled in the book A Simple Girl: Stories My Grandmother Told Me.

She made it through the Holocaust and went on to pioneer the American fashion business. She was the country’s first importer of polyester fabric. In 2011, Flagg published his second book. The autobiography, Million Dollar Agent: Brokering the Dream, by Josh Flagg describes his rise to fame as a real estate agent and reality TV personality.

Josh Flagg’s Net Worth

Josh Flagg is a $35 million-dollar real estate agent and media personality from the United States. Josh Flagg, one of California’s top real estate salespeople, has amassed a remarkable amount of fame, success, and riches throughout his professional life.

Josh Flagg is the real deal and is well-versed in the real estate business, despite being a reality TV star. He also contributes to various real estate journals and shares his knowledge.

Josh Flagg is a well-known author who has published several books. Throughout his career, Josh had been engaged in the sale of more than $1 billion worth of a real estate.

Real Estate

Josh spent $4.4 million on a Beverly Hills house in 2015, which he later sold for a $1.1 million profit. Josh bought a $7 million Beverly Hills property in July 2018. The 1928-built house has a total living area of 4,500 square feet, 5 bedrooms, and 5 bathrooms.

Josh relocated from their joint mansion and into the Beverly Hills Hotel after splitting up with Bobby Boyd. He spent $9.2 million on a brand-new Beverly Hills mansion in March 2022. The seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms in this 7,000-square-foot house.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Josh Flagg’s weight?

Josh Flagg the successful Real Estate Broker, Author, and Presenter weigh 65 kg.

How tall is Josh Flagg?

Josh Flagg is a Real Estate Broker, Author, and Presenter who stands 5 ft 8 in tall.

How old is Josh Flagg?

 Josh Flagg is 37 years old.

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