Josh Segarra Wife: Everything To Know About The American Actor’s Wife!

Did you know that Josh Segarra once taught spin? When he was a teacher in the early 2010s, the Apple TV Plus series The Big Door Prize star met his wife.

Who is Josh’s wife, then? Is she also an actress? How many years have the two been wed? Do they have children?

Here is all our information on Brace Rice, Josh’s wife.

How Did Josh Meet His Wife?

Josh Segarra asked Brace Rice out on a Monday after they had first connected at a birthday celebration, but she was too busy to go out for drinks with him. In an interview Josh gave to Parade in 2016, Brace reportedly informed him that she wouldn’t have time until the following Saturday.

The issue? That day, Josh was a spin instructor. He said to Brace, “Let’s go to lunch but I have a spin class at 11:30.’ She said, ‘OK. I love spin,’ And I replied, ‘You can come if you want.'”

Josh Segarra Wife

Josh’s wife later confessed to Josh what she had been thinking before their Saturday spin date: “If he shows up playing musical theater tunes, wearing a full spandex suit, I am not going to lunch after.”

Josh decided to forgo lunch if Brace passed away 15 minutes into the session. Brace ended up enjoying Josh’s hip-hop soundtrack, while Josh was astounded by Brace’s “beautiful” appearance and her effortless mastery of his cycle class.

Do Josh And His Wife Have Any Kids?

Josh and his wife got married in 2014, and in September 2016, they had their first child, Gus Maine. On January 8, 2020, Brace gave birth to the couple’s second son, Hank Rice.

Josh gushed to People Magazine about his wife, adding, “My wife is my superhero…She’s our Wonder Woman. The way she loves makes me fall in love with her more and more every day. Her boys have her back from now till the end of time. A man is blessed because of the family he has, and I am a very blessed man “

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What Does Josh’s Wife Do For A Living?

Is Brace also an actress? What profession does she have? It is currently unknown what Josh’s wife has done professionally throughout the years because she lives a very private life away from the public eye. But we can rule out performing for her since she doesn’t have an IMDb page!

Josh’s most recent effort, The Big Door Prize, is available on Apple TV Plus, and he recently made his Marvel debut in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

What about Josh and his spouse? Josh is more drawn to her because she shares his passion for sports. In the Parade interview, he noted

“I’m sure there are many women in this world who would hate me because all I watch is sports. But I found the one girl who loves watching with me.”


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