Who Is Juan David Ortiz Wife? A Life Shattered By Tragedy

On May 22, 1983, Juan David Ortiz was born in the US. Renowned for being an ex-Border Patrol agent and American serial murderer, Ortiz murdered a number of s*x workers in September 2018 in a sequence of horrifying killings.

The families of the victims suffered long-term effects from these acts, which horrified the neighborhood. In this article, we will delve into Juan David Ortiz’s Wife and His Murder Trial.

Who is Juan David Ortiz’s Wife?

According to sources, Juan David Ortiz’s wife is Daniella J. Ortiz. On the surface, Ortiz’s family life seemed normal despite his horrific deeds.

He was wed to Daniella, and the two of them shared a newly constructed beige-colored stucco house with their Three children. The family appeared to be leading a typical life, spending every Sunday at the First Assembly of God.

People were curious if she and her spouse were involved in the murder trial. However, no evidence has been presented to the court that would suggest she was even remotely interested in the murder trial.

Juan David Ortiz Murder Trial

The autopsy report presented to the court about Melissa Ramirez shocked her relatives. According to the autopsy report, she had been shot more than once. The ex-Border Patrol agent, who was found guilty of being a serial killer, is currently in the second week of his murder trial.

Juan acknowledged in court that he had killed four people four years prior. The defense claimed that pressure was used on Juan after his confession.

The prosecutor called Webb County Medical Examiner Dr. Corrine Stern to the witness stand on Monday morning. In her career, Corrine has conducted 7,000 autopsies; four of those were carried out in September 2018.

The autopsy report was presented to the jury by Corrine while the victim’s relatives observed. It can be challenging for a victim’s family to hear a frightening autopsy report; Melissa Ramirez’s family experienced this when they were surprised to learn of her autopsy.

According to Corrine, gunshot pieces were discovered within her body. Ortiz fired the bullet from his handgun. Corrine explained Griselda Alicia Hernandez Cantu, Janelle Enriquez Ortiz, Melissa Ramirez, and Claudine Anne Luera’s ailments.

Juan David Ortiz Wife

She mentioned Melissa’s age, which was 29 when she passed away. She added that she had been shot several times.

Stern read out the autopsy report, “She had a gunshot entrance wound. It was on the right side of the jaw in the mandible. The wound path was from right to left and down.”

Additionally, Texas Ranger EJ Salinas took the witness stand to address inquiries concerning the homicide.

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One juror passed out during the autopsy report phase of the court hearing, which was an unpleasant situation. The court was adjourned for the remainder of the day at that point.

The trial is taking place in San Antonia, yet Ortiz was killed in Laredo. The 10-hour footage of Ortiz’s interrogation was shown to the jurors. He appeared to be admitting to the killings in the video.

The crimes in question were verified to have occurred in two weeks in 2018. It was discovered that the four ladies who died worked in s*x. Ortiz claimed throughout the interrogation that he killed women because he detested them.

You can see the tweet below.

Ortiz said, “I was like, you know what, these people, they’re not good people, so I convinced myself of that.”

The interrogation team and Ortiz’s defense team got into a fight because the former said that Ortiz was coerced into making an admission during the questioning.

The Fifth Amendment protects the right to remain silent, as Ortiz’s lawyer informed the investigators—the following hearing before the court is set for Tuesday at 8:30 a.m.

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