Justin Bieber Divorce: Justin and Hailey’s Love Journey Revealed!

As Justin Bieber turned 29 recently, his wife Hailey Baldwin ended any speculations of a split by sharing previously unreleased adorable photos of the couple on Instagram.

She captioned the post on instagram, “29 never looked so good ☺️Happy Birthday to you best friend! Words couldn’t possibly sum up all that you embody. So here’s to more joy, more travel, yummy food, adventures, more peace, fun, and most of all more love.”

Online trolls, however, were eager to comment on the post and bring up the Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin divorce. And it wasn’t just two or three people; the post received hundreds of similar responses.

Some individuals said it was time for the singer to end her romance with Baldwin for good, while others said they didn’t see the two staying together for the long haul.

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However, some individuals even commented on Baldwin’s post about her dispute with Bieber’s ex Selena Gomez and called her a bully.

Some even claimed that the singer of the Peaches was only going through a phase with the model and that soon they would break up and he would start seeing Gomez again.

While some detractors called Hailey names and demanded that the 29-year-old singer get a divorce, others stood up to defend Hailey and fought against the haters.

Justin Bieber Divorce

They began responding to detractors explaining why they disparaged the married couple on one of their best days ever. Followers shared their experiences about how Justin and Hailey inspired them and expressed their love for both of them.

Nevertheless, the couple was unaffected by the hatred because neither had directly addressed the divorce rumors.

Yet regardless of what online users have to say about them, it is apparent from their conduct and recent posts that they are passionately in love and enjoying their marriage.

As a result, all the rumors of Justin Bieber and Hailey’s divorce are untrue and simply something that their detractors wish were so.

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