Katie Maloney Weight Loss: Perspective On The Ozempic Weight Loss Trend

Others are questioning Katie Maloney. Viewers are curious about her opinions on everything from Schwartz & Sandy’s to… Schwartz and Raquel as Season 7 of Vanderpump Rules get begun. (See the video up top.) Others are eager to hear Katie’s opinions on the contentious medication Ozempic.

Ozempic is rumored to be the new go-to medication for celebrity weight loss even though it’s designed to treat type 2 diabetes. Although some people are quite concerned about the trend, Katie is taking a moderate stance.

“I say everyone do what you want to do,” the podcast host recently told People. “Understand the risks, and if it’s right for you, it’s right for you. I think the expectations [for women to be thin] are always going be there whether or not there’s… this miracle drug,” she said.

“The pressures are always going to be there,” she continued. “So thanks Hollywood, thanks media, thanks society for keeping it going. But I just think, you know, if it makes you happy, follow your bliss.”

Katie Maloney Weight Loss

The Utah native has already discussed how she approaches fitness and wellness personally. Katie made little dietary changes in 2020 and lost almost 20 pounds. That, however, is not dieting.

The E! News Tweeted on April 22, 2020, about her weight loss journey. Check out the Tweet below.

“I think dieting is not sustainable and it’s very short term and just sets you up for failure,” Katie once explained to Hollywood Life. “So now I just feel like I just know how to, like, eat for my body and metabolism.”

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Katie had an egg-white omelet with avocado and feta cheese to start her day. Despite not being a big snack, she has learned to eat more regularly throughout the day.

“For snacks, it’s always fruits or a little bit of nuts and cheese or something,” Katie told Hollywood Life.

She often ate chicken for dinner with a “nice and easy” side like broccoli or green beans. She had a “massive giant protein salad” topped with roasted chicken for lunch.

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