Keith Urban Illness: Is He Suffering From Any Serious Disease?

You’ve undoubtedly previously listened to country music superstar Keith Urban if you enjoy the genre. Unfounded rumors that Keith Urban is unwell have recently been making the rounds on the internet. There have even been conjectures that he has prostate cancer.

Keith was born in October 1967 in New Zealand and made his American debut in 1992 with his band, The Ranch. His first album of the same name was released in the US in 1999, and it marked the beginning of a musical career that would win him millions of fans and critical praise. Scroll down the post to read details about Keith Urban’s illness and more.

Keith Urban Illness

In 2018, Keith Urban showed up at the Toowoomba “It’s A Bloke Thing” luncheon after being spotted by photographers at Sydney Airport. There, he was invited to participate in a prostate cancer awareness and fundraising event. He is cancer-free and in good health despite having performed at a Prostate Cancer Awareness/Fundraiser that 500 paid guests attended.

Raising awareness of the illness is something that Urban is passionate about because his father, Robert, passed away from prostate cancer in December 2015, and the disease also claimed the lives of numerous of Urban’s uncles and grandfather.

Urban takes a break from his current Graffiti-U World Tour to travel back to Australia for this significant occasion, which has raised millions of dollars for prostate cancer awareness and research over the last seven years.

The yearly luncheon, which raised more than $1.53 million for the “It’s A Bloke Thing” Foundation in 2017, is one of Australia’s most significant daytime fundraising events. Urban helped the luncheon achieve a record-breaking $2,024,000.00 in donations by donating his time. As seen by Urban’s attendance at the event and his contributions to the cause, it is crucial to raise awareness of prostate cancer and support research to find a cure.

Does Keith Urban Have Cancer?

Even though the “It’s A Bloke Thing” luncheon in Toowoomba, Australia, was not about cancer, country music icon Keith Urban nevertheless made an unexpected presence. Photographers at Sydney Airport confirmed his appearance. Following his landing at Wellcamp Airport, Keith performed for 500 paying patrons at the Prostate Cancer Awareness/Fundraiser.

Keith Urban Illness

In addition to numerous of Urban’s uncles and grandpa receiving prostate cancer diagnoses, Robert, Urban’s father, passed away from the illness in December 2015. One of the most significant fundraising events of its kind in Australia, the midday event in 2017 brought in about $1.53 million for the charity.

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Who is Keith Urban’s Wife?

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