Ken Goldin Wife: Their Journey in Collectibles and the Support of Spouse

Legendary businessman and a forerunner in the world of sports memorabilia is Ken Goldin. He established Goldin Auctions, a company that specializes in sports cards and memorabilia, and he currently holds the position of executive chairman.

With a net worth of over $55 million, Ken Goldin is well recognized for having sold over $1 billion worth of collectibles since starting his business. A stunning 23-year-old woman he called Laura Goldin, after his daughter, whom he is also the proud father of.

Two daughters and a son were born to Ken and Jenn Goldin. Ken Goldin has returned to the public eye thanks to the new Netflix series King of Collectibles: The Golden Touch. Here are more details about his wife.

Who Is Ken Goldin Wife?

Ken Goldin’s wife is Jenn Goldin. She is a clinical psychologist, to be more precise. She has been running Palm Beach Women’s Consulting for the last ten years. She served as a consultant for numerous businesses earlier in her career.

Along with keeping his marriage a secret, he has refrained from discussing his wife in public. In the meantime, he frequently updates his wife’s photos on his different social media accounts. Other than that, the pair has been wed for a considerable amount of time; however, there is no known wedding date. Here is an Instagram post of Ken with his wife, Jenn:


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But despite his busy schedule, Ken makes an effort to spend time with them, so it appears like they have formed a wonderful family.

What About Ken and Jenn Goldin’s Married Life?

Ken and Jenn have been dating for a while, so it is not shocking that they got married. Jenn is officially his second wife, but he divorced his previous spouse. We couldn’t figure out what had brought this about.

They are parents to two kids together. A daughter was also born to his first spouse. Jennifer is frequently spotted at his gigs and functions despite the fact that he hardly ever speaks about their connection.

To learn more about the spouses of other famous people, read the posts we’ve included below:

The couple seemed to be quite in love with one another in photographs. If Ken ever makes their relationship public, we’ll make modifications right away.

Ken and Jenn’s Children

Laura, Paul, and Carleigh Goldin are the three children of Ken Goldin. Laura is the name of his ex-wife’s child. His daughter Laura is reportedly a cast member of the Netflix series King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch, according to the documents.

His other two children are still little; they are just 9 and 5. King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch, a Netflix original series, debuted Ken Goldin and his daughter Laura to viewers in 2023.

Ken Goldin Wife

On-screen, Ken and his adult daughter get along well and frequently make fun of one another. Ken and Laura’s mother had a falling out. The two talked about his earlier trip to Puerto Rico, where he proposed to Jennifer, her mother, on the television.

Who Is Jennifer Goldin Family?

Jennifer’s parents, Sheila and Lawrence Altaker, are from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Lawrence Altaker is 86 years old, and Sheila Altaker is 85 years old.

According to Health Grades, Lawrence worked as a specialist with more than 60 years of expertise in Hanover, Pennsylvania. In 1962, he graduated from THOMAS UNIVERSITY. Sheila is the owner of Altaker & Freidlander Insurance, on the other hand.

Currently employed by Hospice, Inc. is Jennifer, a certified hospice worker. She worked at Caring Hospice as a social worker. From 1992 until 1996, she worked as a foster social worker for Youth Services Inc.

She also had a job at the Lions Gate CCRC in Voorhees, New Jersey, as an Activities Assistant. In 1990, Jennifer graduated from The University with an MSW in social work.

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