Kevin Nash Has a New Favorite Wrestler in AEW

Kevin Nash Has a New Favorite Wrestler in AEW: The Best Bout Machine has Big Sexy’s stamp of approval. Kevin Nash replied to the official All Elite Wrestling Twitter account.

When Kenny Omega made his debut on this week’s edition of “AEW Dynamite,” the former WCW Champion turned to Twitter to declare Omega “my new favorite wrestler.”

Will Ospreay is an enemy of both Kevin Nash and Kenny Omega. A recent jab from Nash asked, “How’s his merchandise sales?” in reference to Ospreay and his string of 5-star victories.

Osprey retorted, “tore his quad tweeting that?” about the injury-prone Nash.

Kevin Nash Has a New Favorite Wrestler in AEW
Kevin Nash Has a New Favorite Wrestler in AEW

Omega had AEW ring announcer Justin Roberts recite off Omega’s many critical and financial victories prior to Wednesday’s match against Ospreay’s United Empire, much to the amusement of WWE Hall of Famer Nash.

Omega not only beat Ospreay’s team to advance to the final of the AEW World Trios Championship Tournament, but he also got to rub it in Ospreay’s face during the introduction.

After “Dynamite” ended, Ospreay exacted some measure of vengeance on Omega and The Young Bucks by attacking the winning trio in a vindictive manner.

Kevin Nash, who has always been a shrewd merchandiser, has now joined the legal cannabis market by teaming up with HYMAN Cannabis to produce a strain called “Jack Knife Powerbomb,” after the name of his signature finishing move.

On September 2, the strain was scheduled for distribution in Michigan dispensaries. Nash isn’t shy about sharing his thoughts: he recently added his own podcast, “Kliq This,” to the network of shows hosted by Conrad Thompson’s AdFreeShows.

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