Kim Mi-Soo Cause of Death: The Impact of Korean Actress Passing on ‘Snowdrop’ Fans!

Kim Mi-soo was an actress and model from South Korea. Kim made her debut in Lipstick Revolution in 2018. At the beginning of her career, Kim was well-known for her lead role in Lipstick Revolution and for playing a supporting role in Kyungmi’s World.

She also made an appearance in the 2020 drama Hi Bye, Mama! as the sibling of the female lead. Here in this post, we will discuss Kim Mi-Soo Cause of Death.

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Kim Mi-Soo Cause of Death

Fans of the ‘Snowdrop’ actress Kim Mi Soo were shocked to learn that she had passed away unexpectedly at the age of 29 on Wednesday. The actress’s death was revealed by Osen. She passed away, but the reason why was kept a secret.

Soon after the rumor became viral, Kim Mi Soo’s management company, Landscape Entertainment, verified it. They also said that Kim Mi Soo’s family is presently grieving the loss and is in shock.

Kim Mi-Soo Cause of Death

Jisooin, a member of BLACKPINK, plays the lead in “Snowdrop,” which also has the actress in a supporting role. One of Eun Young Ro’s (Jisoo) roommates, Yeo Jung Min, was portrayed by Kim Mi Soo in the drama.

Fans of the show expressed their sorrow for her passing on social media, writing that “Room 207 will never be the same without Kim Mi Soo (Yeo Jeongmin).”

One more person said, “one of jeong min’s powerful lines.. rest in peace kim mi soo :((” “Rest in Peace, Actress Kim Mi Soo. You will always have a special place in our hearts,” said another on Twitter.

Kim Mi-soo played Yeo Jung-min, one of the primary characters Jisoo’s roommates in “Snowdrop,” a member of the girl group Blackpink. In 2021, the late actor also starred in popular K-dramas on Netflix, including “Hellbound” and “Yumi’s Cells.”

Several Korean internet users have accused the drama “Snowdrop” of misrepresenting the 1980s pro-democracy movement in South Korea and praising the infamous Agency for National Security Planning.

The claims have been frequently denied by JTBC, the South Korean TV network that airs the show before it said a few days ago that it will take legal action against anyone spreading “falsehoods” about the show.

‘Snowdrop’, which co-stars Jung Hae–who also played the lead in ‘Something in the Rain’ –is streamable on Disney Plus in some areas.

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