Kirsten Storms Weight Gain: Does She Have Any Ilness?

Kirsten Storms, the actress who plays Maxie Jones on the popular soap opera General Hospital, has been the subject of many rumors and speculations about her weight gain and health issues. Some fans have wondered if she is pregnant, while others have expressed concern about her well-being. In this article, we will try to answer some of the questions that have been raised about Storms’ weight gain and illness.

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain

Following the opening of the 59th season of “General Hospital,” viewers are unable to stop talking about one of the cast members, Kirsten Storms, who plays Maxie. Kirsten’s sudden weight increase has generated a lot of attention and conjecture about its causes.

Fans have leaped to assumptions regarding Kirsten’s pregnancy before. When her character Maxie was pregnant on the show back in 2021, similar speculations persisted, even in the absence of concrete proof. Some admirers are now speculating if Kirsten is expecting, given her recent weight gain.

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain

It’s essential to keep in mind, though, that the stories regarding Kirsten’s weight growth might not be accurate. She hasn’t disclosed any pregnancy, and there’s no hard evidence that she’s put on weight. In specific Instagram pictures, some followers noted changes to her look, particularly in her face.

Another reason why some fans might think that Storms is pregnant is because of her weight gain, which we will discuss in the next section.

Kirsten Storms Health Issues

Storms has been transparent about her battle with weight gain, which is mainly brought on by her prescription drugs and health issues. Over the years, the actress has experienced a number of health issues, including bipolar disorder, a brain cyst, and endometriosis. Her weight and appearance have been impacted by the operations and drugs she has had to take due to these illnesses.

In 2011, Storms was diagnosed with endometriosis, a disorder that results in the growth of tissue outside the uterus, causing discomfort and inflammation. She needed to recuperate from the ailment and have surgery. Therefore, she had to take a break from General Hospital. She made a comeback to the show in 2012, but endometriosis difficulties forced her to depart once more in 2014. Following yet another surgery and course of therapy, she returned to the show in 2015.

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Storms disclosed in 2021 that she underwent brain surgery to remove a large cyst that had split in two and was pressing against her brain. She announced the news on Instagram, where she thanked her supporters and put up a number of videos outlining her predicament. She claimed that she was recovering and that the cyst was not malignant. She added that following a few weeks of recovery, she would return to her job.

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Additionally, Storms has a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, a mental health condition that results in anxiety, despair, and mood swings. She has acknowledged that the antidepressants she has been taking to treat her illness have made her gain weight. As long as she continued to be athletic and healthy, she said that her weight gain did not concern her. She said that she would not allow certain people’s disparaging remarks to lower her self-esteem.

Is Kirsten Storms Married?

No, Kirsten Storms isn’t currently wed. She previously married Brandon Barash, her co-star on “General Hospital,” from 2013 to 2016. Kirsten has been candid about her battles with mental health, and she had a difficult time going through her divorce from Barash.

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She is, nevertheless, going on with her life and has expressed her gratitude for her family’s and friends’ support. Kirsten Storms is a single mother of two who is committed to her work and her kids. She is an accomplished actress who many look up to.

How Is Kirsten Storms Doing Now?

After having brain surgery, Storms is recuperating nicely. She’s been updating her Instagram with pictures of her gorgeous daughter, Christmas decorations, and knitting projects. In addition, she has been spending time with her family and friends, who have helped and supported her during her trying times.

In addition, Storms has resumed her role as Maxie Jones on General Hospital, where she has been employed since 2005. But for an unidentified cause, she had to take a few days off in December 2023. Actress Nicole Paggi stood in for her for a few episodes before being temporarily replaced. It is anticipated that Storms will soon return to her position and keep wowing her fans with her performance.

Fans and coworkers have commended Storms for her bravery, tenacity, and optimism. Numerous people who are going through comparable difficulties in their lives have found encouragement in her. Because she has accepted her weight increase and refused to let it define her, she has also served as a role model for body positivity. She has demonstrated that happiness and health are more essential than appearances and that beauty comes in all forms and sizes.

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