Klay Thompson Net Worth: How Much Does He Make Per Year?

One of the NBA’s most prosperous and well-liked basketball players is Klay Thompson. He has won three NBA titles, been selected to the All-NBA Third Team twice, and been an NBA All-Star five times. Along with Stephen Curry, he is considered one of the greatest shooters in NBA history, and the two of them make up the deadly “Splash Brothers” tandem. However, what is Klay Thompson’s net worth and annual salary? We will look at his contracts, endorsements, salary, and net worth in this article.

Klay Thompson’s Net Worth

As of December 2023, Klay Thompson’s net worth is projected to reach approximately $70 million by multiple estimates. He is now among the wealthiest NBA players in the competition as a result. His hefty contracts with the Golden State Warriors and his brand sponsorships are the primary sources of his net worth.

Klay Thompson Salary

One of the most significant salaries in the NBA is that of Klay Thompson. He signed a five-year, $190 million contract with the Warriors in 2019, and he is now in the second year of that agreement. With an average annual salary of $38 million from this contract, he is the third highest-paid player in the NBA, only after Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry.

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Unfortunately, Thompson’s two consecutive season-ending injuries have prevented him from playing in a single game since the 2019 NBA Finals. In the sixth game of the 2019 NBA Finals, he tore his ACL in his left knee. In November 2020, he tore his Achilles tendon in his right leg while working out. It is anticipated that he will make a comeback to the court in 2023–2024.

Klay Thompson Endorsements

In addition, Klay Thompson is in high demand as an ambassador, bringing home an extra $5 to $10 million per year from different partnerships. Brands like Anta, BodyArmor, Electronic Arts, Panini, and Tissot are among those he endorses. He inked a contract with the Chinese shoe company Anta in 2017, which is his most well-known endorsement.

The agreement comprises bonuses and royalties based on sales milestones, with a total value of $80 million over ten years. With Anta, Thompson has created his unique shoe line, the KT series, which is highly well-liked both domestically and internationally.

Klay Thompson Contracts And Earnings

Throughout his NBA contract, Klay Thompson has made a total of $161 million. In the 2011 NBA Draft, he was selected by the Warriors as the 11th overall choice, and he immediately agreed to a rookie contract worth $12.4 million for four years. Then, in 2015, he inked a $69 million, four-year contract deal with the Warriors, earning an average of $17 million a year.

Klay Thompson Net Worth

He inked his current $190 million, five-year contract with the Warriors in 2019, bringing his annual salary to an average of $38 million. By the time his current deal expires in 2024, his career earnings are projected to surpass $351 million.

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How Did Klay Thompson Make His Money?

Thompson departed Washington State to enter the 2011 NBA draft after his junior year. The Golden State Warriors ultimately chose him with the 11th overall choice. After a great season, Thompson was selected to the NBA All-Rookie First Team. In his second year, Thompson and teammate Stephen Curry set a record by making 483 three-pointers between them, the most by any NBA combination. The following season, the two went on to surpass this record by one point.

Following his signing of a four-year contract deal with the Warriors during the 2014–15 season, Thompson’s success with the team continued. He had a career-high 41 points in a victory over the Los Angeles Lakers the very following day. In a win over the Sacramento Kings in January 2015, he exceeded this record by scoring 52 points, including 11 three-pointers.

In 2019, Thompson and the Warriors advanced to the NBA Finals for the fifth time in their history, where they were matched up against the Toronto Raptors. In Game 6, with the Raptors leading 3-2, Thompson had to exit the game midway through the third quarter due to an ACL tear. In the end, the Raptors defeated the Warriors. Thompson committed to the Warriors for five years at a potential salary of $190 million the following season.

One of the greatest and most accomplished basketball players in the NBA is Klay Thompson. His annual salary is $38 million, bringing his net worth to $70 million. He also receives $5 to $10 million in endorsements. With the Warriors, he has inked two enormous contracts worth a combined $259 million over nine years. He is now recuperating from two serious injuries, but he intends to get back on the court quickly to continue his incredible career. From the court to the sidelines, Klay Thompson is a genuine superstar.

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