Korean Zombie Net Worth: How Much Did He Make From His MMA Career?

How much money did Chan Sung Jung, sometimes known as “The Korean Zombie,” make during his career as a mixed martial artist (MMA) in South Korea?

Jung has enjoyed a prosperous career, with some of his most significant victories coming against Dustin Poirier and Frankie Edgar. Additionally, he has served as the main event for a number of UFC Pay-Per-Views. Now, how much cash does he have to his name?

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What is Korean Zombie Net Worth?

Chan Sung Jung is a mixed martial arts (MMA) competitor from South Korea who competes in the featherweight division of the UFC. He is also known as “The Korean Zombie.” He has a net worth of approximately $2 million in the year 2023.

He has made approximately $1.5 million over his career, the majority of which came from headlining UFC Pay-Per-View fights that were successful. In addition to that, he earns money via sponsorships.

Who is Korean Zombie?

Born on March 17, 1987, Jung Chan-sung, also known as Chan Sung Jung or The Korean Zombie, is a former South Korean MMA pro. He was in the UFC’s Featherweight division. Starting in 2007, he competed in WEC, Pancrase, World Victory Road, and DEEP.

He got the name The Korean Zombie because he kept pushing forward like a zombie, even after tough hits. As of June 27, 2023, he’s ranked #8 in UFC’s featherweight list.

Korean Zombie Early Life: Take a Look at His Childhood

Jung was born in 1987 in Pohang, South Korea. He moved to Namyangju near Seoul as a teenager due to bullying. To help him, his aunt took him to a Hapkido gym at around 14. He trained in Kickboxing until high school and later learned Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Korean Zombie Net Worth

At 18, he joined the South Korean Navy and trained in Taekwondo. In 2007, he won a Sambo tournament and in December, the Pancrase Korea Neo-Blood Tournament’s Lightweight division. At 20, he started MMA and soon debuted as a pro. In 2008, he won a 65 kg division tournament.

He also won a 70 kg tournament in a show called Street Fighter on South Korean TV, which focused on stand-up fighting.

Korean Zombie Career Highlights

In 2011, Sung Jung joined the UFC, facing Leonard Garcia at UFC Fight Night. He began strongly with a submission win. He kept winning, including a memorable fight against Dustin Poirier, which won Fight of the Year. He submitted Poirier and earned the Submission of the Night award.

After an injury during a title match with Jose Aldo, he did military service for two years. When he returned to the UFC, he defeated Dennis Bermudez. He had a significant main event fight (UFC Fight Night 154) against Renato Moicano, knocking him out in the first round.

He also beat Frankie Edgar in the first round in Korea. After losing to Brian Ortega, he rebounded with a remarkable victory over Dan Ige. Currently, he has a UFC record of 7 wins and 3 losses.

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How Much Did Holloway and ‘The Korean Zombie’ Earn From UFC Fight?

Max Holloway and Jung Chan-Sung had an intense fight in the main event of UFC Fight Night Singapore on Saturday. The match ended with Max Holloway winning by knockout over ‘The Korean Zombie’, who decided to retire after the fight. During the third round, in front of the audience at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Jung Chan-sung was knocked out by a powerful right-hand punch from Holloway.

This blow led to ‘The Korean Zombie’ retiring from the sport. Even though ‘The Korean Zombie’ began the round with aggressive moves up close, Max Holloway responded by cleverly avoiding the attacks. He used head movements and eventually landed a strong punch that resulted in an impressive knockout.

Check out the Facebook post below for more details on the Max Holloway vs The Korean Zombie UFC Fight:

Holloway and Jung Chan-sung were set to earn good money once their payment terms were agreed upon. According to The Sports Daily, Holloway was guaranteed $421,000 for the upcoming match, and ‘The Korean Zombie’ was assured $261,000. These figures don’t include all the earnings, as the exact amounts haven’t been revealed.

Holloway got the same guaranteed sum in his previous fight with Allen, plus an extra $100,000 for winning. If Chan-sung had won, he could have taken over $300,000 for the night. But we know he didn’t win this time. Remember, the fighters’ complete salaries aren’t disclosed, and the total amount might change due to post-fight bonuses.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What is The Korean Zombie’s net worth?

As of August 2023, the Korean Zombie is thought to have a net worth of $2 million.

2. How much does The Korean Zombie make on average?

The Korean Zombie makes about $200,000 USD in each fight.

3. What kinds of things does The Korean Zombie suggest?

Drink HRW is the only organization that has been proven to support the Korean Zombie.

4. Is Korean Zombie married?

Yes, The Korean Zombie’s wife is Park Sun-young.

5. Where is The Korean Zombie living right now?

Seoul, in South Korea, is where you can find the Korean Zombie.

6. Does The Korean Zombie have a garage full of cars?

The Korean Zombie’s collection of cars and trucks is unknown.

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