Kristi Noem Net Worth: How Much Money Does She Make?

Kristi Noem is a politician in the United States. She is 50 years old and is currently the 33rd governor of South Dakota. In 2018, Noem became the first woman to be elected as governor of South Dakota. She has served in the South Dakota House of Representatives and the United States Congress. Kristi Noem’s fortune is projected to reach $4 million by 2022.

Kristi Noem was born to parents Ron and Corinne Arnold on November 30, 1971, in Watertown, South Dakota. She and her four siblings were raised by their parents on a ranch in rural Hamlin County. In 1990, Noem completed his high school education.

When she won the competition to become the South Dakota Snow Queen, she immediately began honing her abilities in public address and marketing.

She started college at Northern State University in 1990 and graduated with a degree in 1994. She enrolled at Mount Marty College’s Watertown campus after her father’s death in a farm tractor accident. She supplemented her education with online courses offered by the University of South Dakota.

She received the backing of former president Donald Trump during the 2018 election. In this article, you can find details about Kristi Noem’s net worth, early life, personal life, career, and more.

Kristi Noem Net Worth & Career in Politics

As of 2023, Kristi Noem’s earnings are anticipated to be over $4 million. Her current yearly salary as governor of South Dakota is $118,728. She enacted House Bill 1232, increasing the salaries of the governor and attorney general to $125,000 and $130,000, respectively, in November 2021.

In 2006, Kristi was elected to the South Dakota House of Representatives. She earned 39% of the vote in 2006 while serving as the Republican representative for the 6th district. With 41% of the vote in 2008, she was re-elected.

She was chosen assistant majority leader in 2007, and from that time until 2010, she held the position for four years. She pushed legislation to decrease South Dakota’s obligatory school enrollment age to 16 while employed there.

Kristi Noem Net Worth
Kristi NNoem’sNet Worth

In 2010, Noem ran for an at-large position in the U.S. House of Representatives for South Dakota. She finally defeated State Representative Blake Curd in the Republican primary, winning with 42% of the vote. She won a second term in 2012 by defeating Democrat Mattew Varilek by a margin of 57 to 43% of the vote.

In 2014 and 2016, Noem won reelection for a third and fourth term. After being chosen by the 87-member House Republican rookie class to serve as their liaison in 2011, she became the second woman in the House GOP leadership.

In November 2016, Kristi said she would run for governor of South Dakota in 2018. In the end, she outpolled Marty Jackley 56 to 44 percent in the Republican primary on June 5. She declared that she would put herself up for reelection as governor in November 2021.

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She was sworn in as the governor of South Dakota on January 5, 2019. She asserted that extensive voter fraud helped Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Even after Joe Biden was sworn in as vice president in January, she continued to insist that the election was not free and fair. Noem was originally going to be one of South Dakota’s three electors for Donald Trump, but she later withdrew.

As of 2023, Kristi Noem’s earnings are expected to be over $4 million. She presently earns $118,728 per year as governor of South Dakota. The governor’s salary was increased to $130,000, and the attorney general’s salary was increased to $125,000 when she signed House Bill 1232 into law in November 2021.

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