Lamor Whitehead Net Worth 2023: What Does He Do for a Living?

Lamor Whitehead is an American pastor and community leader in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to his extravagant displays of riches, convicted felon Whitehead is well-known for his close friendship with New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

While attending morning services at the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries in the Canarsie neighborhood of Brooklyn, Whitehead and his wife were robbed at gunpoint in July 2022. In this article, you can find details about Lamor Whitehead’s net worth, early life, personal life, career, and more.

Lamor Whitehead’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Lamor Whitehead’s net worth is anticipated to be around $2 million. Whitehead has lavish wealth, which includes suits with Louis Vuitton logos, dazzling vehicles, and substantial jewels.

Real Estate

A mansion in Paramus, New Jersey, belongs to Whitehead. The house has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and 9,000 square feet of living space. Whitehead paid $1.64 million for the house in 2019 and listed it for $2.99 million in 2022, making it the most expensive property in the neighborhood.

In 2021, Whitehead completed the acquisition of several apartments in Hartford, Connecticut, through his business, Whitehead Estates LLC. For the purchase, he took out a mortgage for $4.15 million, then in February 2022, he borrowed more money, bringing the total debt to $4.5 million.

Lamor Whitehead Early Life

In 1978, Whitehead was born. He claims that he is the son of Arthur Miller, Jr., who passed while in police custody after a traffic stop, yet, according to the webpage for his surviving family, Arthur Miller Jr. only had one son, who was 12 years old at the time his father was killed.

Arthur had four children, ages 8 to 16, at his death. After graduating from high school, Whitehead received athletic scholarship offers from Shaw University and Farmingdale University before enrolling at Eastern New Mexico University to study accounting and videography.

He started working as a mortgage broker when he returned to New York. In the future, Whitehead attended New York Theological Seminary.

His education was concluded with a Ministry in Human Services diploma from the Nyack College-accredited Theological Institution of Rising Hope Inc. He holds both a certification as a marriage and funeral officiant and a New York State Chaplain license.

Lamor Whitehead Career

Whitehead established Tomorrow International Churches in 2013 and is recognized as its founder and pastor. He calls Eric Adams, the former mayor of Brooklyn, his mentor. Theological Seminary in New York, where Pastor Lamor studied.

The Theological Institution of Rising Hope Inc. has awarded him a certificate from the Ministry of Human Services. Whitehead is a licensed celebrant of marriages and funerals. He also holds a New York State Chaplain license.

Lamor Whitehead Net Worth
Lamor Whitehead Net Worth

When Pastor Lamor asserted that he helped Andrew Abdullah negotiate his surrender, the man suspected of killing a Goldman Sachs employee on the New York City Subway and shooting him made headlines in June. He then disclosed that he had a relationship with the suspect’s family through his church at that time.

When he emerged from a legal aid office in his Rolls-Royce, I became aware of his presence. Then, while preaching at the church, he and his beloved wife were robbed of more than $1 million in jewelry, which is when he quickly shot to fame.

Lamor is renowned for flaunting his expensive jewelry and dressing in high-end clothing. On Sunday, July 24, Lamor and his spouse were robbed. The three individuals entered the Leaders of Tomorrow Church armed, according to the police report.

Both Pastor Lamor and his wife’s valuables were taken off. A portion of the alleged church incident was caught on camera. A segment of the Livestream showed at least one of the offenders approaching the pastor while brandishing a gun and interfering with his lecture.

The pastor, Whitehead, could be seen lowering himself to the ground and lifting his hands in the footage. The video was pulled from the church’s Livestream and is no longer accessible. Police claim that the robbers fled in a white Mercedes.

Whitehead disclosed that the media attention he and his family received as a result of aiding and apprehending the suspect in the May subway shooting death of Daniel Enriquez, 48, led to the targeting of him and his family. The media referred to him as the “bling, bling bishop” after he assisted in locating the criminal.

Lamor Whitehead’s Personal Life

Whitehead is married to Asia DosReis-Whitehead. It is reported that he and his wife have three children: Jaidyn Lamor, Soriah, and Heaven. According to reports, the Whitehead family regularly attends church.

After being robbed by gunmen in a church on July 24, Pastor Lamor has been relatively active on Instagram. 1.6 million people follow Whitehead’s official Instagram account, @iambishopwhitehead.

Know More:

On July 26, he published a video announcing that he would provide 50,000 prizes for information leading to the capture of the armed guys who had robbed him and his wife at gunpoint while attending church.

He also tagged Larry Red Live, claiming that the latter tried to humiliate his family and religion by making a joke about his church being looted.

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