LeBron James Net Worth 2022: NBA Superstar James Is Now A Billionaire!

LeBron James Net Worth: American professional basketball player LeBron James. Despite having a challenging upbringing, he was extraordinarily talented when he was young. He played a crucial role in helping St. Vincent-St. Mary High School’s team win two straight Division III State Championships as a freshman.

He gained recognition on a national level for his basketball abilities, and he was also an All-state football player. The Cleveland Cavaliers selected him as the first overall choice in the NBA Draft. He set two records: the youngest player to win the Rookie of the Year title and the youngest player in NBA history to score 40 points in a game.

He was employed as a small forward, point guard, and shooting guard, and was recognized for his versatility by everybody. His admirers loved his highlight-reel dunks and no-look pass. He guided the Cavaliers to the playoffs in his third season.

He nearly single-handedly guided the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals in his fifth season, but they were defeated in four games by the San Antonio Spurs. Most people agree that LeBron James is among the all-time greats in the sport of basketball. He earned $1 billion in 2021, making him the first NBA player still actively playing.

LeBron James Early Life

Gloria Marie James and Anthony McClelland, an ex-convict, welcomed LeBron James into the world on December 30, 1984, in Akron, Ohio. Due to his father’s lack of parental involvement, Gloria raised him alone.

Gloria permitted him to reside with the family of Frank Walker, who introduced him to basketball when he was nine years old, realizing that he would be better off with a more secure family. He attended the white, private St. Vincent-St. Mary High School rather than the neighborhood public school because he played basketball for the Northeast Ohio Shooting Stars in the Amateur Athletic Union.

He has also crowned Ohio’s Mr. Basketball in his senior year. Additionally, he was selected for the USA Today All-USA First Team and won the Gatorade National Player of the Year award for the third and second years in a row.

LeBron James’ Personal Life

Savannah Brinson, his high school girlfriend, and LeBron James were married. LeBron James, Jr. (born 2004) and Bryce Maximus James (born 2007) are their two sons, while Zhuri James is their daughter (born 2014).

LeBron James is a philanthropist who actively supports organizations including ONEXONE, the Children’s Defense Fund, and the Boys & Girls Club of America. The LeBron James Family Foundation is a charitable organization he also founded. You may also check our trending articles like Vanna White and Scottie Pippen.

LeBron James Career

The Cleveland Cavaliers selected LeBron James in the third round of the 2003 NBA Draft. After ending the season with averages of 20.9 points, 5.9 assists, and 5.5 rebounds per game, he was finally crowned Rookie of the Year. LeBron, who was 19 at the time, was the youngest player on the 2004 USA basketball Olympic team, but he mostly sat on the bench.

When he scored more than 50 points in a single game at the age of 24, he once again made NBA history. For the first time, he was chosen for the NBA All-Star game. He was named to an All-NBA Team in the 2004–05 season with averages of 27.2 points, 7.4 rebounds, 7.2 assists, and 2.2 steals per game, making him the league’s youngest player ever to receive the honor.

LeBron James Net Worth
LeBron James Net Worth

He assisted his club in defeating the Wizards in the opening round of the 2006 playoffs. Even with a 26.6 average against the Pistons in the semifinals, his squad was unable to win. LeBron James and the Cavaliers agreed to a three-year, $60 million contract extension after the 2006 Playoffs.

The agreement included a player option for James to become an unrestricted free agent and sign a new deal. In 2007, the Cavaliers demonstrated their superior competitiveness by winning the Eastern Conference by defeating Detroit and making it to the NBA finals.

However, they fell to the San Antonio Spurs in the championship game. The Cavaliers improved their position in the Eastern Conference during the 2007–2008 season. The group advanced to the semifinals where they were eliminated in seven games by the Boston Celtics.

He outscored opponents like Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson in 2008, outscoring them by averaging 30 points per game, the highest average in the NBA regular season. He went to Beijing in 2008 as a member of the American Olympic Basketball Team, along with Kobe Bryant, Jason Kidd, and Dwyane Wade, and returned with the gold after defeating Spain in the championship game.

He made the Miami Heat his new team for the 2011 campaign soon after becoming a free agent in 2010. With 26.7 points per game, he came in second in the league. Along with teammates Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, and Kobe Bryant, LeBron James participated in his third Olympic Games in London in 2012, and the group won the second straight Olympic gold medal.

Miami won their second consecutive national title with a 3-4 triumph over the San Antonio Spurs at the close of the 2012–13 season, turning what seemed like an impossibility into reality. LeBron James chose to leave the Miami Heat in 2014 and joined the Cleveland Cavaliers instead.

James played in five straight NBA finals during the 2014–15 season when the Cleveland Cavaliers went to the championship game, making him the only player to do it since the 1960s. His 2015–16 season was tainted by scandals, including the removal of Cavaliers coach David Blatt in the middle of the campaign.

LeBron James performed excellently despite all of this and became the third player to post a triple-double in an NBA Finals game. LeBron inked a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers after his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers came to an end in 2018.

James reached 32,000 points in February 2019, making him the fifth NBA player to do so. In a game against the Denver Nuggets on March 6, 2019, he passed Michael Jordan to move up to the fourth spot on the NBA scoring chart.

LeBron James’ Net Worth

LeBron James is a successful businessman and professional basketball player from the United States. His net worth is $600 million. LeBron bypassed college after lighting up the high school basketball world and was selected first overall by his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2003 NBA Draft.

From 2003 through 2010, LeBron played with the Cavaliers. Then, from 2010 through 2014, he “took his talents” to Miami, where he played for the Heat. In 2012 and 2013, he guided the Heat to two NBA championships. From 2014 to 2018, he joined the Cavaliers again, and in 2016, he won a title.

He relocated to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018. With LA, he captured a championship in 2020. He currently holds the sixth-highest pay among NBA players as of the time of writing. His base pay is $41.1 million per year.

LeBron is one of the richest and most influential celebrities in the world outside of sports. He has a $1 billion lifetime contract with Nike, and his endorsement income ranges from $60 to $90 million annually.

He invested in several firms and turned his celebrity and money into a veritable commercial empire. He shares ownership of Liverpool FC. LeBron James will reach billionaire status in 2035 if he continues to earn and invest at his present rate.

Annual Income

LeBron James receives an annual salary from the NBA of about $40 million and an additional $55 million in endorsement payments. His annual earnings now amount to almost $100 million. LeBron made $86 million between June 2016 and 2017. In the six months from June 2017 to June 2018, LeBron made $85.5 million. He made an additional $85 million between June 2018 and June 2019.

Career Earnings

LeBron James made just over $126 million in salary throughout his first ten NBA seasons. LeBron’s endorsement revenue at that time was estimated to be $326 million. From his first ten years as a professional, he earned $452 million. A two-year, $85 million contract extension with the Lakers signed LeBron.

LeBron will have made $428 million in NBA pay by the time his contract expires in 2023. LeBron has earned slightly more than $800 million through contracts and endorsements during his career as of this writing (before taxes and expenses).

NBA Superstar James Is Now A Billionaire!

In the following ten years, we’ll get to it in a moment. LeBron must first sign up for the billion-dollar athlete club before he can reach a net worth of $1 billion. Six people presently belong to that club: Tiger Woods ($1.65 billion), Michael Jordan ($1.9 billion), Jack Nicklaus ($1.15 billion), Arnold Palmer ($1.35 billion), and Floyd Mayweather ($1.1 billion).

Over his four years in Los Angeles, LeBron’s career earnings will certainly surpass $100 million every year when you add his new contract and impending sponsorships. Nearer to $110 or $120 million, perhaps. LeBron James will surpass the $1 billion career earnings mark in year four of his contract, even at the $100 million level.

By 2024, LeBron will have made almost $350 million in NBA salaries, assuming he signs at least one more three-year contract before retiring. LeBron is expected to retire in around 2025 with a lifetime earnings total of about $1.1 billion.

We predict that if LeBron emulates greats like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Kobe Bryant, his net worth will surpass $1 billion when he is 51 years old in 2035.

Real Estate

The James family once resided in a home in Coconut Grove, Miami, with views of Biscayne Bay. In November 2010, he paid $9 million for the house. LeBron put this house up for sale for $17 million in October 2014. In August 2015, he finally took $13.4 million.

LeBron paid $21 million in November 2015 for a 9,350-square-foot property in Brentwood, Los Angeles. It was the highest amount ever paid for a house in the area at the time. For over a year, he tried to sell this house, but in the end, he accepted a small loss when he sold it in September 2021 for $19.6 million.

LeBron paid $23 million for a brand-new mansion in Brentwood in November 2017. LeBron purchased a Beverly Hills property for $36.6 million in September 2020. LeBron owns one of the most costly properties in the Cleveland area back home in Ohio.

Bath Township is where it is. LeBron had a custom-made house built, and Ohio tax authorities value it at $9.5 million. Its 30,000 square feet of living area is divided into 20 rooms in total. When he was 18 years old and brand new to the NBA in 2003, he acquired the house.

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