Who Is Louis Patridge Ex-Girlfriend Or Partner?

Before signing Enola Holmes, Louis acted in a few TV shows and films, including Medici, Paddington 2, and Amazon Adventure. He played Sid Vicious in the miniseries Pistol and worked as Peter Pan in The Lost Girls after his role in Enola. The English actor is a Gemini since his birthday is June 3, 2003. In this article, we will delve into the world of Louis Partridge’s ex-girlfriends and past partners to satisfy your curiosity.

Louis Patridge Ex-Girlfriend

It is not yet officially confirmed who Louis Patridge was dating in the past. But there were rumors that he was in a relationship with Sydney Chandler. Back in May 2022, Louis shared a pretty romantic photo of Sydney and himself looking at each other lovingly at the premiere of their FX mini-series, Pistol.

He also shared a selfie on Instagram and was spotted together following the Venice Film Festival. But they both never confirmed or denied the rumors that they were dating or not.


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Are Louis Patridge And Olivia Rodrigo Dating?

After some time, On October 30, 2023, Louis and Olivia Rodrigo were spotted out together in London, which led to dating rumors. Fans sent the images to X, which was formerly Twitter. Louis can be seen placing his arm around Olivia. Other reports surfaced a day later claiming that the two were indeed dating.

They appeared to confirm their relationship in December 2023 when they were seen holding hands and sharing kisses during a PDA-filled outing in New York City.

How Tall Is Louis Partridge?

Louis Partridge is approximately 182 cm (6 feet) tall and weighs 68 kg (150 lbs). Frequent workouts and a balanced diet maintain his slender figure. Partridge’s physical attributes, such as his attractive appearance and endearing demeanor, have contributed to his growing popularity among youth. His height and weight are typical for males of his age.

How Old Is  Louis Partridge?

Louis Partridge will be 20 years old in 2023, having been born on June 3, 2003. Partridge is one of the most promising young performers in the UK, having accomplished a great deal in the entertainment industry despite his youth.

Louis Patridge Parents

Partridge was born in Wandsworth, London, on June 3, 2003. James and Liz Partridge are his parents. His mother’s side of the family is Welsh. In addition, Louis has a younger and an elder sister. Louis Partridge attended Dulwich Preparatory School. With the Battersea Ironsides Sports Club, he was a rugby player.

Louis Patridge Ex-Girlfriend

After that, he attended Alleyn’s School for his secondary education, where he was a part of Tyson’s House. Partridge received A*s in both French and English as well as an A in film studies when he finished his A Levels in 2021.

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What Is Louis Partridge’s Net Worth?

Louis Partridge’s projected net worth as of December 2023 is $2 million. His acting career has allowed him to amass tremendous wealth. In the short film Beneath Water from 2014, Louis made his acting debut. Partridge debuted as an actor in the short movie Beneath Water in 2014. He debuted in Paddington 2 and first became well-known as Piero de Medici in Medici.

He became a cast member of The Lost Girls in 2019 and took on the role of Peter Pan, the eternal youngster. He appeared in the cast of FX’s Pistol in 2021, playing bassist Sid Vicious for the band of the same name.

Partridge gained more notoriety when she portrayed Tewkesbury in the 2020 mystery movie “Enola Holmes.” In the movie’s 2022 follow-up, he played the same character.

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