Luke Perry’s Net Worth: When He Passed Away?

Luke Perry’s death in 2019 was a sad day for television fans. From 1990 to 2000, he was most known for his role as Dylan McKay on the TV sitcom “Beverly Hills, 90210.”

He also portrayed Archie’s father, Fred Andrews, in “Riverdale.” He appeared in numerous additional TV episodes and films, including “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and “Oz.”

People who worked with Luke Perry liked him because he was always on the go. He died surrounded by family and friends, including his children, fiancée, ex-wife, mother, stepfather, brother, sister, and others.

He lived a full life, and we may question how much money he had when he died as a result of his successful profession. If you’re curious about Luke Perry’s net worth, keep reading.

How Much Was Luke Perry’s Net Worth When He Passed Away in 2019?

When Luke Perry died in 2019, he had approximately $10 million in wealth, which included his $2 million property in California.

Through a trust, his two children, Jack and Sophie, received an equal share of his fortune. The house, described as a fine classic home, is in a decent area but has not yet been listed for sale.

Luke Perry didn’t live long, yet he pursued his aspirations. He previously stated that he felt like an outsider yet connected with people on television, which inspired him to become an actor. His actual reward was acting, and he didn’t care much about expensive automobiles or other trinkets.

Given that he lived in a modest home and did not spend lavishly, it is understandable that he saved and earned so much over his career. It appears that his children will spend their share of his money carefully.

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Luke Perry’s Versatile Career: From TV Teen Idol to Bible Narrator

Luke Perry's Career
Luke Perry’s Career

Luke Perry started his acting journey after finishing school in 1984. To pay for acting classes, he worked in construction as a paver and other jobs.

Luke became famous in the 1990’s for his role in ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ and got many acting offers. He also appeared in a movie called ‘Terminal Bliss.’

In an audio Bible production, he played the roles of Saint Stephen and Judas. He even performed on stage, playing Brad Majors in the Broadway production of ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ in 2001. From 2002 to 2004, he was the main character in a TV show called ‘Jeremiah.’

In 2006, he acted in the NBC sitcom ‘Windfall’ as Peter Schaefer. His last TV show was ‘Riverdale,’ where he played the character Fred Andrews, who is the dad of Archie Andrews.

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