Who Are Lyndie Greenwood Parents? The Enigma of Her Family

Lyndie Greenwood came into this world in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on June 6, 1983. Details about her family, including her parents and siblings, are currently shrouded in mystery. Regarding her upbringing, she spent her formative years in her hometown. And she still hasn’t opened up about a lot of her childhood. Nobody knows her family tree either.

Lyndie Greenwood Parents

Everything we know about his family is presented here. The whole family is Canadian, but Lyndie’s mother is from the West Indies and her father is actually from England. She may identify as Canadian, but her parents are actually born in a different country. There is no more information available about her parents.

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How Tall is Lyndie Greenwood?

The lovely Lyndie Greenwood stands at a towering 5 feet, 6 inches. Also, her eyes and hair are brown. There are a lot of other measurements of her body that are currently unknown.

Earnings and Wealth of Lyndie Greenwood

Lyndie Greenwood has amassed a fortune of approximately $3 million thanks to her professional career. Nevertheless, her exact salary is not disclosed at this time.

Lyndie Greenwood’s Career

Lyndie Greenwood’s acting career kicked off her professional career. She first appeared in a number of films, such as Pinkville, Little Pheonix and the Fists of Fury, and The Movie Is Broken. But her part in the TV show catapulted her to stardom.

She gained some public and media attention thanks to her cameos in series such as The Listener, Flash Point, Being Erica, and Lost Girls, where she played a minor role. Her star began to soar, though, after she landed the role of Sonya on Nikita.


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On top of that, she was Sleepy Hollow’s Jenny Mills. This catapulted her to even greater fame in the eyes of the public and media. Saving Hope, Partners, Tales from the Darkside, Cut to the Chase, and countless more films and TV shows have featured her throughout her career.

Lyndie Greenwood Dating

The star is far from tied the knot, so Lyndie is definitely still single. Our only comment is that it is par for the course for a public figure to keep their private life out of the spotlight and out of the hands of the media. She may be preoccupied with helping him get a bigger name in his field. Or maybe she just doesn’t feel comfortable letting those who are very interested in her private life see her relationships.

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