Maria Taylor Husband: A Closer Look At Her Personal Life!

Maria Taylor, a sportscaster who is 36 years old, is a girl boss in every way. As a host for ESPN and NBC, she worked her way up to millions of dollars, and for many aspiring black journalists, she represents black excellence.

Many have been curious about Taylor’s current spouse, raising the critical question of who working women need as a support system. Married for over two years, she’s head over heels for a mystery suitor by the name of Jon Lee. So, who is Maria Taylor’s husband? Here’s everything we know about her leading man.

Maria Taylor Husband

Maria Taylor has been married twice. Maria wed Rodney Blackstock in 2019. However, the majority of her fans and social media followers are unaware of the reasons behind their breakup.

Luckily, Taylor didn’t let the dissolution of her marriage discourage her from trying again, marrying Jon Lee only a few months later and basking in marital bliss ever since.

Maria posted wedding pictures to Instagram in February 2021, along with a whole new man, with the message, “I love our love story.” She did not, however, at the time, include her new husband in any of the pictures.


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In September 2022, she posted additional information about their relationship on TikTok. “I woke up really grateful for my husband,” she shared. “We’ve known each other since high school. Our road to marriage was not easy… but it was worth it. He always wants me to shine and never gets jealous of my work. He pushes me to see my greatness even when I doubt myself.”

Maria continued, “He makes this thing called life fun to live. He knows I’m not perfect and loves me despite ALL my flaws. And what’s crazy… he asks for nothing in return. Thank you God for giving me the husband I’ve always prayed for.”

Maria Taylor And Jon Lee Expecting A Child

Marriage happens after a period of love. Additionally, Taylor and Lee have revealed that they are expecting a child following a protracted reproductive journey. Taylor marveled about the miracle and provided some insight into their pregnancy struggles in an Instagram post from July 2023:

“The last 3 years have been some of the most physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging years of my life. My journey to motherhood has not been a straight path. It’s been diverted by surgeries, multiple egg retrievals, and failed IVF cycles. There were times when I felt like my body was betraying me, that God didn’t want me to become a mom, and that I ultimately didn’t deserve to be a mom. There were times when all I could do was cry and ask ‘Why?’”


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Luckily, hope prevailed, as she continued, “There were times when I felt like giving up. But it was put on my heart to keep trying and never let the dream of becoming a mother go. For every setback, my husband was there reminding me to keep the faith. My friends and family held my hand and held me up as I traveled cross country for appointments. It’s still crazy to think that just a year ago I came into the NFL season with the news of a failed embryo transfer. Another hope dashed. And now this fall I come into a new season carrying the greatest gift of all. Our sweet Prince will be here soon and I can’t wait to be his mom!”

Who Was the First Husband of Maria Taylor?

Taylor, who is renowned for protecting the secrecy of her personal life, made news across the globe in 2019 when she revealed that she was married. You are aware that Maria Blackstock was Rodney Blackstock’s wife.

Some sources claim that the couple got married on May 5, 2019, at the Hilton Sandestin, which is located next to the beach in Destin, Florida. After an extended romance that lasted several years, they became engaged.

Maria Taylor’s Husband: Engagement And First Marriage Plan

In their conversation with The Knot, Maria said that Rodney had considered popping the question to her in Palm Springs, where they were organizing their next vacation, but he was unable to keep it to himself.

Furthermore, the couple planned to tie the knot in June 2016. However, in the end, they opted against it because they knew they weren’t ready to commit to each other just yet. Following their failed attempts to postpone the wedding, they took a break from organizing their special day. They continued to communicate with each other even though they were not officially a couple.

It took them three years to reconcile, but when they did, their power was much more significant. Then, both parties told their parents over the phone that they were getting married soon.

The Biography of Rodney Blackstock

On October 29, 1980, he was born in Greensboro, North Carolina, in the United States. He is a Christian of African-American descent and was born in the United States. In addition to being African American, he is an American citizen. The current state of knowledge on the parents’ and siblings’ identity is still unknown.

Maria Taylor Husband

His career as a sports agent at Apex Black for over three years made him well-known before he took over as head coach of the Johnson & Wales University women’s basketball team. Blackstock also held the position of director of sports marketing at California’s Q4 Sports. Unfortunately, he is no longer employed by Q4 Sports as of May 2020.

Allegations surfaced in 2019 regarding Blackstock’s relationship with University of North Carolina basketball player P.J. Hairston, which prompted an investigation. Later, it was found that he had paid an AAU coach to sign another high prospect, which led the NCAA to look into Hairston’s possible connections to Blackstock.

Maria Taylor Age

Maria Taylor is 36 years old right now. On May 12, 1987, she was born in Alpharetta, Georgia, in the United States. At six feet two inches, she is a little taller than most. Since she was a little child, Maria has been interested in sports, and in high school, she excelled at volleyball and basketball. Because of her abilities in these activities, she even received a scholarship to attend the University of Georgia.

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Maria Taylor Height

Maria Taylor has an astounding height of 6 feet 2 inches. You could meet most folks who are not nearly as tall as that! Her size endows her with a formidable presence when discussing sports on television. She benefits from it as well because it helps her perform well in sports like volleyball and basketball, which she played in high school and college.

Maria Taylor Salary

Maria Taylor will make a very good living in 2023. Her salary is roughly $87,885. That’s a significant payment for discussing sports on television! Maria deserves her high pay because she has worked hard to establish herself as one of the leading sports pundits. Her net worth is projected to reach approximately $6 million in 2023. She acquired that substantial sum through her work as a journalist and athlete. She is one of the highest-paid sports commentators and has experience working for major networks such as NBC Sports and ESPN.

Parents of Maria Taylor

Steve and Suzette Taylor are Maria Taylor’s parents. They are the ones who raised her and brought her into the world. Although we are familiar with Maria’s name due to her celebrity status, her parents, Steve, and Suzette Taylor, must be pretty pleased with all the accomplishments their daughter has made in the sports broadcasting industry. They must have had a significant influence on Maria’s life and helped her on her path to becoming a well-known sportscaster, even though we don’t know much about them.

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