Who Is Maria Taylor Husband? Is She Married For The Second Time?

Maria Taylor Husband: Suzette Maria Taylor, better known by her stage as Maria Taylor, is a well-known American television host for ESPN and the SEC Network. Few sports fans are unfamiliar with her because she has been a sportscaster for more than ten years.

With her work on the ESPN Network, the 34-year-old television host has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers. Her social media accounts also allow her to share information about her business life with her followers.

However, her followers are more interested in learning about her private information, which includes information about her marriage and romantic relationships. So who is the husband of Maria Taylor? When did she tie the knot?

On this page, we have included all the information we know regarding her marriage and relationships. Read the entire article to learn more about them all.

Who Is Maria Taylor’s Ex-husband Rodney Blackstock?

NBC Sports currently employs Maria Taylor as a sportscaster. For ESPN and the SEC Network, she has previously worked as an analyst and host. The Netline claims that Maria and Rodney Blackstock, her first husband, called off their initial engagement before reconciling three years later to wed.

At the Charlotte Hornets in North Carolina in 2014, they became friends. “I remember seeing him and telling my friend, ‘If we keep going to these games, I’m going to wind up dating him,” Maria recalled to The Knot.

Maria Taylor Husband
Maria Taylor Husband

Meanwhile, Rodney was also interested in her and asked his friend if she “played in Charlotte for the WNBA. Rodney stated in Maria’s addition that “I was a player’s girlfriend, so maybe I was there to support one of the men.

Their first date was in a parking lot, where they had some food, and Rodney had invited her out “on a dare.” You’re not as tall as I am, he told her. Maria remembered: “We ended up chatting till five in the morning in the parking lot.

I’ve never felt the way you do when you simply glance at someone and think, “That’s the one.” According to Celeb Pie, Rodney is from Greensboro, North Carolina, and “speaks fluent Portuguese and is of Brazilian heritage.”

According to the website, he had a difficult childhood and was raised in several foster homes. When he was 12 years old, his mother passed away. He was the proprietor and an employee of The Auto Club Group in Buckhead, Georgia, in the year 2020.

How Long Were Maria Taylor And Rodney Blackstock Married?

In May 2019, the couple was married at the seaside Hilton Sandestin in Destin, Florida, “since we had SEC coaches meetings there before,” Maria recalled. Nevertheless, several websites claim that they later called it quits on their union.

According to Distractify, “They would subsequently call it quits for reasons that the majority of Maria’s fans and social media following were not aware of.” It is unknown when the couple’s marriage formally ended because Maria likes to keep things quiet.

When Did Maria Taylor Remarry?

The TV anchor posted wedding photos on social media in February 2021. But this time they showed a different man. She wrote “I love our love story” as the description for the Instagram post. Although not much is known about Maria’s new spouse, Jonathan “Jon” is his name, according to the Instagram account @flowersbyyona.

Maria appears to take pleasure in sharing images of the two on social media. She uploaded a video on Instagram and TikTok on July 12, 2022, describing the surprise birthday trip she planned for her boyfriend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Maria a Nigerian?

Although she was born to a white mother and a Nigerian father, she believes that she is a typical Nigerian. Maria from BBN was born where? The realtor was born in Nigeria's Imo state of Owerri. May 17, 2022

What is Maria Taylor most known for?

Chasing Gold: Paris 2024 (2022), The History of the Black Quarterback, and College GameDay are works by Maria Taylor (1986). Since 2021, she has been married to Jon. Previously, she was wed to Rodney Blackstock.

Who does Maria Taylor work for now?

According to NBC Sports' announcement on Friday, Maria Taylor, a sports reporter who recently left ESPN after failing to agree on a contract extension, has joined the network. The Olympics will be Taylor's first assignment, the network announced. During NBC's coverage of the Olympics, she was greeted on air.

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