Michael Keaton Net Worth 2022: How Much Did Michael Get Paid To Play Batman?

Michael Keaton Net Worth: American actor, producer, and director Michael Keaton is best known for his role in the film “Birdman.” He is a skilled actor who can play both dramatic and comedic roles. In his career, he has also played a few romantic roles and appeared in several action thrillers.

When he was in his teens, he started to become interested in acting and performing, and as a young man, he tried his hand at stand-up comedy. Despite not being a commercial success, his comedic career helped him launch his acting career.

He started working as a television cameraman for a cable station after failing to find success as a comedian. He discovered he wanted to be in front of the camera while working there. Later, he landed a television role and made several appearances in “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.”

He had a natural talent for acting and quickly rose to fame on television. He started his film career with high expectations and became well-known for his comedic roles. He received more praise when he played the title character in Tim Burton’s “Batman.”

He developed as an actor over time and also dabbled in production and direction. In 2014’s “Birdman,” he was nominated for and won several awards for his acting.

Michael Keaton Early Life

Michael John Douglas Keaton was born in Kennedy Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on September 5, 1951. His mother, Leona Elizabeth, was a stay-at-home mom, while his father, George A. Douglas, was a civil engineer and surveyor.

The youngest of seven kids, he was young. In Pennsylvania, he attended Montour High School. After spending two years at “Kent State University” studying communication, he left his program and moved to Pittsburgh. He used to do amusing skits for his classmates’ amusement while in school.

Michael Keaton’s Personal Life

From 1982 through 1990, Keaton was wed to Caroline McWilliams. Sean, their son, was born in 1983. Actress Courteney Cox and he were romantically involved from 1990 to 1995. Although the Pittsburgh Pirates did not make the playoffs that year, Keaton, a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh and supporter of its sports teams, secured a break in his Batman movie contract.

During the last few months of the Pirates’ 2013 season, he also contributed to an ESPN blog about the team. Keaton purchased a ranch close to Big Timber, Montana, in the 1980s, and now he spends most of his time there. Take a look at Samuel L Jackson and Ben Gordon’s net worth.

He frequently appears on the Outdoor Channel saltwater fishing program Buccaneers & Bones alongside Tom Brokaw, Zach Gilford, Thomas McGuane, and Yvon Chouinard, among others. In the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Keaton supported Hillary Clinton, and in the 2020 contest, he supported Joe Biden.

In 2019, he was featured in a PETA advertisement urging people to avoid going to places that abuse animals, such as roadside zoos that occasionally allow visitors to take pictures with wild animals.

Michael Keaton Net Worth
Michael Keaton Net Worth

Michael Keaton Career

He attempted to become a stand-up comedian, but his efforts were unsuccessful. He accepted a position as a television cameraman at the public television station, WQED, to make ends meet (TV). He realized that he wanted to work in front of the cameras at this point.

In addition to making appearances in Pittsburgh public television shows like “Where the Heart Is” and “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” he started acting in television roles (1975). He was referred to as one of the “Flying Zookeeni Brothers” in the latter.

He relocated to Los Angeles in search of more opportunities because he was determined to establish himself as an actor. He was naturally talented and charismatic and skilled at playing comedic roles. He quickly obtained parts in television programs like “Maude” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Hour.”

To avoid confusion with well-known actor Michael Douglas and daytime host Mike Douglas, he changed his last name to “Keaton” once he became a successful television actor. Following his time on television, Michael Keaton entered the film industry and debuted in the non-speaking, minor role in Joan Rivers’ movie “Rabbit Test.”

He also collaborated with James Belushi on the short-lived comedy series “Working Stiffs.” Additionally, he made cameos in popular comedic films like “Mr. Mom,” “Johnny Dangerously,” and “Gung Ho.” When he was offered the lead role in Tim Burton’s horror-comedy “Beetlejuice,” he received his first significant break.

Keaton gained international recognition thanks to the movie’s success, which starred notable actors like Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Catherine O’Hara, and Winona Ryder. When Tim Burton chose Keaton to play the iconic comic book superhero in the 1989 movie “Batman,” he significantly helped Keaton’s career.

At first, it was thought that Keaton, who had previously mainly portrayed comic book characters, wasn’t the right option to play Batman. He silenced his detractor with a stellar performance in the box office smash. Later, Keaton returned to the part for the ‘Batman Returns sequel (1992).

He was featured in numerous movies during the 1990s, including “Pacific Heights” (1990), “One Good Cop” (1991), “My Life” (1993), “Much Ado About Nothing” (1993), “The Paper” (1994), “Out of Sight” (1998), and “Jack Frost.” His career flourished during this time (1998).

He began his career as a comedian before becoming well-known for playing dramatic roles. He demonstrated his aptitude for acting out action scenes as well. His involvement in movies, including “A Shot at Glory” (2000), “First Daughter” (2004), “Herbie: Fully Loaded” (2005), and “The Merry Gentleman” came during the 2000s (2008).

When asked to play “Riggan Thomson/Birdman” in the satirical black comedy-drama movie “Birdman” in 2014, he received the role of a lifetime. The film, which centers on a Hollywood actor’s waning career, became a tremendous critical and financial success.

He portrayed investigative reporter “Walter V. Robinson” in the 2015 Oscar-winning biographical drama film “Spotlight,” directed by Tom McCarthy. He portrayed businessman Ray Kroc in the biographical movie “The Founder” the following year.

In the Marvel superhero movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” Keaton played the supervillain “Vulture.” The film was a box office and critical success. He also appeared in the movie “American Assassin” that year. He first appeared as the villain in the 2019 fantasy adventure movie “Dumbo” before portraying “Kenneth Feinberg” in the 2020 biographical movie “Worth.”

Michael Keaton’s Net Worth

American actor Michael Keaton has a 40 million dollar fortune. Keaton has had a successful and lengthy acting career from the 1970s to the present. He has built a firm name for himself throughout this time, thanks to several famous and unforgettable roles.

Salary Highlights

In 1989’s “Batman,” Keaton made $5 million, equal to $10 million in today’s currency. In the 1992 follow-up, he was allowed to repeat his famous role, for which he was paid an outrageous $11 million. This equates to almost $20 million in today’s dollars.

Warner Bros. tried everything in its power to persuade him to stay with the brand, offering an astounding sum of $15 million, despite declining to feature in a proposed movie. That amount of pay was practically unheard of at the time, and in today’s terms, it would be equivalent to roughly $28 million.

Real Estate

Michael invested $1.5 million in a house close to Santa Barbara, California, in 1989. In 2011, he ultimately sold this home for $3.1 million. He spent $5 million on another piece of real estate in the Santa Barbara area in 2016.

He listed this 20-acre ranch estate in Summerland town for $8.72 million in 2018. Keaton invested $1.3 million in a sizable house in the Pacific Palisades section of Los Angeles in 1987. He still possesses this property as of 2020.

Michael Keaton has a ranch in Montana that spans more than 1,000 acres, even though most of his real estate holdings are in California. According to reports, he spends much time at this property, and Huey Lewis, Tom Brokaw, and David Letterman reside nearby.

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