Moist Critical Girlfriend: The Story of His Relationship History

American YouTuber Cr1TiKaL, whose real name is Charlie White and who is also known online as Penguinz0, is regarded as one of the funniest commentators on the platform. His favorite bird, the penguin, is where he acquired the name “Penguinz0”.

Charlie first focused on glitches and lessons for several shooting games before switching to gameplay and comments. Since then, he has become an expert at critiquing or praising video games with a lot of sarcasm.

Since its launch, the Penguinz0 YouTube channel has acquired more than 3.7 million subscribers and over 1.2 billion watchers as of 2019. His usage of the phrases “titties” and “nipple” highlights his tendency to utilize dry humor and repetition.

Moist Critical Girlfriend

Although the hilarious YouTuber has made an effort to keep his personal life private, it is evident from social media images that Tiana Tracy is Penguinz0’s girlfriend.

This can be seen on his girlfriend’s Instagram account, where she frequently posts loving images of Charlie. Penguinz0’s girlfriend, Cr1TiKaL, has appeared in a few of his YouTube videos. She also takes part in his regular House of Caravan video stream.

Tracy thanked Penguinz0 for making her smile and being goofy and quirky with her in one of her social media postings after a year of being in love with him. She continues by saying that nothing in the world could change the fact that he is both her boyfriend and best friend.

Without a doubt, Tiana Tracy’s height enhances her lovely and beautiful form. She is said to be 5 feet, 5 inches tall, according to many reports. She is a little bit smaller than her partner, who is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Moist Critical Girlfriend

About Tiana Tracy

On November 9th, Tiana Tracy was born in the US. What country does Tiana Tracy belong to? She is a citizen of the USA. Her birth year hasn’t been determined because she likes to keep her private life private. In other words, Tiana Tracy’s exact age is currently unknown.

Tracy is not only attractive but also smart. She graduated with a veterinary technology degree from Hillsborough Community College in 2020. She posted about her academic accomplishment on Instagram along with pictures of her two pets and fiance.

Love life and love of Pets

Charles White’s girlfriend is Tiana Tracy. The couple has been dating for almost five years. They will commemorate their fourth anniversary on November 12, 2020. So how did Tiana and Charlie first meet?

Here are some articles that are the same as this one:

They may have fallen in love with one another because of their shared love of dogs when they first met while attending college. They frequently post nice photos of one another on social media. They fell in love and have lived happily ever after.

They have never been linked to a relationship scandal, unlike some superstars. Also, there are no public records of their prior connections. Several of their fans believe that Tiana Tracy and Cr1TiKaL’s relationship is overall rewarding and motivational.

As of yet, Tiana Tracy and Cr1TiKaL are not parents. Tracy, though, sees herself as a “mother” of two already. Cayda and Petra, the couple’s two adorable canines, live with them. These images are accessible on Tetra and Cayda’s Instagram post as well as Tiana Tracy’s Instagram account.

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