Monica 90 Day Fiance: Gabe’s Wedding Day Takes a Dramatic Turn with a Missing Sister and an Angry Bride!

Gabriel Paboga and Isabel Posada from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way had the ideal wedding planned, or so they believed. On Sunday’s program, Gabriel, 32, said, “I woke up feeling good,” “I feel like I’m feeling sexy and I’m ready.”

The Florida resident went on to prepare for his wedding with his mother, asking her for some scissors so he could cut the hairs on his nose. In a confessional, Gabe said, “It feels really good to actually be with somebody that she loves me for me.” 

“And it’s not just Isabel, it’s her parents, it’s her kids and that’s something very, very different than what I’m used to. I love all of them. It’s like, everything is perfect. I think if I had a fairy tale, this would be it. I am marrying the woman of my dreams.”

Everything was going smoothly until Gabe heard from his sister Monica that she would no longer attend the wedding due to an argument the siblings had the night before.

When Monica intended to depart before Isabel arrived, she created a problem because Isabel was still out making last-minute preparations for the wedding.

Gabe expressed his desire to stay with his sister, saying, “I’m not going to have this whole problem because we’re leaving right before she gets here.”

Monica 90 Day Fiance

Gabe claims Monica was confused and told him, “You shouldn’t be marrying somebody if you’re afraid to talk to her.” And because I was unhappy, he said, “And I got upset, so I told Monica that she’s the one that creates problems in my relationships, and I think that’s what made her upset.”

“I can’t believe it’s turned into such a big thing for her not even to come to my wedding,” she said. While his mother tried to calm him down, Gabe pondered if he should discuss the situation with Isabel. Gabe’s mother told him, “today is just not the day for this.”

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Gabe cried out. He told his mother, “Everything was so too good to be true.” “I just feel like was just waiting for something to happen. I was just waiting.”

Gabe pleaded with his mother to allow him some room. He said in a confessional, “All I wanted was to have my mom and sister next to me by my side as I give my vows to the love of my life.”

When Isabel, 34, arrived at the wedding location, she could not locate Gabe. The Colombian states in Spanish, “I see a message where Gabe tells me that he’s late, but he also doesn’t say why.”

The morning of their wedding, Gabe and Isabel had a brief conversation. Later, Gabriel messaged Isabel to let her know he would be late but left out an explanation. Isabel was aware of the problem with Monica from the previous evening, but she was unaware that it had prevented Gabe from attending his wedding.

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Isabel stated in a confessional interview, “I’m very angry because in the morning, our conversation was short but he never said he would be late.” “I honestly don’t know what could have happened.”

Isabel lamented Gabe’s tardiness to her family and friends. Isabel replied, “All he had to do today is take a shower, get dressed and be here, but he hasn’t arrived.” Gabe persisted in sobbing while lying face-down in his bed as Isabel continued to worry.

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