Mu*der Suspect Bryan Kohberger Maintains Silence During Arraignment, Enters Not Guilty Plea

Bryan Kohberger, the defendant charged with the mu*der of four Idaho college students in an early morning att@ck last year, elected to “stand silent” at his arraignment on Monday.

When the judge asked for his plea, Kohberger, 28, did not react, and his counsel stated that he was “standing silent.” The judge filed a not-guilty appeal on his behalf by not answering.

A trial date has been scheduled for October 2. If the prosecution decides to seek the de@th penalty, they have 60 days to file notice.

According to documents filed in Latah County District Court, Kohberger was indicted last week on four counts of first-degree mu*der and one count of burglary.

Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger Maintains Silence During Arraignment, Enters Not Guilty Plea

Prosecutors claim Kohberger, a Ph.D. student in the School of criminal justice and Criminology at Washington State University, broke into a house where six University of Idaho students lived early on November 13, 2022.

He is accused of mu*dering Ethan Chapin (20), Madison Mogen (21), Xana Kernodle (20), and Kaylee Goncalves (21). Two other students who were present at the time survived and were not considered suspects.

CBS Evening News shared a tweeter post and wrote a statement: Bryan Kohberger, the man accused of killing four University of Idaho students, said almost nothing in court on Monday.

According to court filings, prosecutors have laid out the evidence in the months since the mu*ders, including Kohberger’s white Hyundai Elantra allegedly traveling by the victims’ house multiple times before the mu*ders.

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Authorities said the suspect’s cellphone was on its way to Moscow when it was turned off between 2:47 a.m. and 4:48 a.m., during which time the mu*ders were committed.

The investigators said Kohberger’s DNA was discovered on a kn!fe sheath on one of the victim’s mattresses.

After the semester ended, Kohberger, from Pennsylvania, drove across the country. On December 30, he was detained at his parent’s house in the Pocono Mountains. In early January, he agreed to be extradited to Idaho.

Kohberger’s attorney, Monroe County Chief Public Defender Jason LaBar, stated that his client “is eager to be exonerated of these charges and looks forward to resolving these matters as soon as possible.”

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