New WWE Contract Confirmed, Roman Reigns Talks About His Current Schedule!

News About Roman Reigns: Roman Reigns confirmed rumors that he recently signed a contract extension that includes a reduced schedule in an interview with the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast (via Fightful). Since signing the contract, Reigns’ WWE TV appearances have decreased, and he has even missed some PPVs. Some highlights are as follows:

Concerning the Duration of a New Contract

There are timelines and numerous methods to play with these things, but I’m not fond of providing specifics. “The big thing is when you’ve been on the road for about 10 years straight, and someone who has been at the highest level, the main event level, I’ve run a full schedule for a long time,” he said of his decision to cut back on his workload.

The schedule shifted even before we moved to FOX, with SmackDown now airing on Fridays, two live events on Saturdays and Sundays, and Monday Night Raw airing occasionally. The four-night routine isn’t as bad as it formerly was. Previously, we taped SmackDown on Tuesdays and did live events on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

We were only allotted two full days. In other words, this is back in the day before airplanes, automobiles, and buses. You leave on a Wednesday morning, work all day, and return home exhausted. Half of Wednesday and then Thursday while you juggle work, family, and other commitments.

You will be released once again on Friday. The challenge for me was maintaining a sense of equilibrium. It’s a crucial time for someone like me, with five kids, to get to know them while they’re still little and establish strong bonds with them.

Being a father is the most crucial role I play, so I’ve made it a top priority. Vince (McMahon) and the rest of WWE were great about working with me on that, and they made sure I was still part of the WWE family.

News About Roman Reigns
News About Roman Reigns

On How Frequently He Will Appear

We’re not going to be on every pay-per-view, but you can count on seeing us on all the big ones and a few more that slot in between the big four and the Saudis. I’ll always encourage the TV producers to keep the drama and competition intense. Technically, it’s part-time compared to what I usually do because you only have a day and a half a week to do everything.

I have a recurring role as a character on WWE television every year. It’s been successful thus far. The reactions make things feel more special if you’re not as reachable or available. It adds a touch of mystery to your persona. Every home has been successful. The decibel level is still quite elevated in the natural reaction. As far as I was concerned, everything went as smoothly as expected.

To God be the glory, I believe we can keep expanding that. I have done it enough times that I could do it once a week if necessary. Additionally, if the standard is high, the quantity need not be excessive.

To Be or Not to Be a Part of WWE

Even with the new contract and the recent months, I still felt these feelings, and they gave me a sense of “I need to be in control, and I should be doing more.” You feel like you can’t contribute from the sideline. We can rule that out.

That’s the kind of stuff that would go through the mind of any performer. To paraphrase, “I’m not there, I’m being forgotten, I’m not helping.” You may feel that you aren’t bearing as much as before. There is never a break in the action.

I’m just a person, and it’s essential to factor in all these factors. You want to remain in superhuman mode, assisting the product and merchandising as much as possible while keeping the customer happy, but if you spread yourself too thin, you risk failing at all three. Finding a place in your mind where you can relax and let go without worrying or stressing out over it is essential to this process of “flowing with the flow.”

Concerning the Change in Money in the Bank’s Plans

“The plan for the first few months following Mania was to be on Money in the Bank, but as the concert was changed and it was relocated from Allegiant Stadium to the arena, we re-strategized, and we kept on the road of hitting the huge ones heading into the winter.

After moving to Money in the Bank, I pulled away from that show in preparation for SummerSlam, and with Cardiff being such a vast stadium show and worldwide performance, I knew I would be a part of that as well. After learning what was happening with Money in the Bank, I expected an adjustment to be made.


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