Nick Prugo Net Worth 2022: Who Is Nick Prugo And Where Is He Now?

Nick Prugo Net Worth: Former child actor Nick Prugo, a member of the Bling Ring, stole cash, jewelry, and personal items worth about $3 million from the homes of celebrities between 2008 and 2009. A group of thieves called Bling Ring is based in Calabasas, California.

In high school, he stopped acting and became friends with Rachel Lee, who would later become the Bling Ring’s leader. He had started as an actor and had landed a small part in the 2003 TV quasi-documentary Little Lost Souls: Children Possessed.

Prugo served one year of his two-year sentence in prison after becoming the first member of the gang to be apprehended and confess to the robberies. Prugo, in contrast to most of the Bling Ring members, chose to provide his side of the story with Good Morning America in February 2010.

Prugo continued to have legal issues after the Hollywood burglaries. Prugo was accused of stalking and encouraging sexual assault in 2015. He recently appeared in the September 2022 episode of The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist on Netflix.

Real Name Nicholas Frank Prugo
Net Worth USD 372,000
Education Qualification College Graduate
Husband Per Norgo
Marital Status Married
Siblings Sister: Victoria Prugo
Ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality America
Sexuality Gay
Birth Place Los Angeles, California
Born Date November 15, 1991
Age 31
Known For The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist
Profession Public Figure

Nick Prugo Early Life

On November 15, 1991, Nicholas Prugo was born in Los Angeles. He was raised in a middle-class home in Granada Hills and briefly attended Calabasas High School before being expelled for persistent absenteeism.

After being expelled from Calabasas High School, he transferred to Indian Hills High School. After landing a small part in the 2003 TV quasi-documentary Little Lost Souls: Children Possessed, he planned to pursue an acting career.

Prugo made friends with other Bling Ring members and met Rachel Lee while attending Indian Hills High School. He started stealing from his parents and developed drug and nightlife addictions.

Nick Prugo Net Worth
Nick Prugo Net Worth

Nick Prugo The Bling Ring

Seven young people who were members of the Bling Ring—also known as the Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch, The Burglar Bunch, and the Hollywood Hills Burglars—were found guilty of several crimes in and around Calabasas, California.

The group targeted media professionals known for their chic, status-driven, and fashionable lifestyles. Prugo chose women as their primary targets because “women want women’s products.”

Initially, the group consisted of Rachel Lee and Nick Prugo; however, Alexis Neiers, Diana Tamayo, Courtney Ames, Johnny Ajar, and Roy Lopez Jr. were eventually added.

Nick Prugo Robberies

In the tenth grade, Prugo and Lee committed their first house burglary together and made off with $8,000 in cash. Every night, they would also break into open cars to take cash and credit cards, with Prugo saying that he was “stealing for drugs” due to his cocaine addiction.

In 2008, Prugo and Lee went into Paris Hilton’s house and took cash, designer clothing, and other expensive items. Lee allegedly inserted Hilton’s backup key into her keychain after they reportedly broke into Hilton’s house numerous times.

After that, Prugo and the other members of the Bling Ring broke into the homes of Audrina Partridge (where they stole $43,000 in clothing and jewelry), Rachel Bilson (where they took between $130,000 and $300,000), Orlando Bloom (where they took almost $500,000), Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox, and Lindsay Lohan (where they stole $130,000 in clothing and jewelry).

The burglary committed by Lindsay Lohan would prove to be their undoing because she gave TMZ access to security footage, which prompted numerous tips and ultimately resulted in the group’s arrest.

The group had intended to burglarize several other famous people’s homes, including those of Ashley Tisdale, Hilary Duff, Zac Efron, Miley Cyrus, and Vanessa Hudgens. Still, they were apprehended before they could do so.

How Did Prugo Get Caught?

Following nearly a year of evading capture, the gang was caught on video at Patridge’s house prowling around the property. Prugo subsequently viewed this footage on the local news. The Bling Ring continued to burglarize famous homes despite being caught on camera. You may also check our latest post,  Dude Perfect Net Worth and Austin McBroom Net Worth. 

Authorities could not identify the potential looters until they were captured in the act, this time on a security camera at Lohan’s home. As more members of the Bling Ring were finally apprehended one by one, Prugo was the first to be arrested and confess to the robberies.

When a caller identified themselves and informed the police that Prugo and Rachel Lee were accountable for the Lindsay Lohan burglary in August 2009, Prugo was detained and confessed to the police.

Nick Prugo Arrest And Other Charges

Prugo entered a not-guilty plea to the burglaries of Lindsay Lohan and Audrina Patridge. He received a two-year prison term in 2013. He was only imprisoned for a year because, by the time he was found guilty, he had earned a year’s worth of credit for time served and good behavior.

Less than a year after his release, Prugo was detained in 2014 on suspicion of parole violation. According to reports, Prugo was cited by famous skin care expert Dawn DaLuise after she was imprisoned “for allegedly trying to hire a player of the Detroit Lions to kill the owner of a rival skin business.”

Dawn said Prugo violated his parole by leaving the state without authorization. At the time, he was roommates with Edward Feinstein, whom DaLuise alleges was stalking her online and fabricating false images.

Prugo and Feinstein entered guilty pleas to misdemeanor stalking charges against them in 2016. The judge rejected their other accusations that they utilized fake internet personal ads to find individuals to rape DaLuise. Prugo received a sentence of three years of probation and 350 hours of community service.

Where Is Prugo Now?

Prugo has been running an online business with his husband of five years, Per Norgo, a Swedish businessman. On November 28, 2017, Prugo and his hubby exchanged vows at Carmel by the Sea on the sand.

The duo is well renowned for promoting the rights of LGBTQ+ people. He is also asking the governor for a pardon and a rehabilitation certification. Prugo currently resides in Los Angeles with his husband.

Nick Prugo Net Worth

Nick Prugo’s net worth is projected to be $350,000 as of 2022. Prugo is well known for his crimes in 2009 while serving as the Bling Ring’s ringleader and the brains behind the operation. Most of the stolen assets were used or confiscated by the authorities.

He sells household goods and necessities through his Amazon store. He co-owns the Instagram store “Porgo Essentials,” which offers home goods, with his husband, Per Norgo. To connect with potential customers for their firm, the pair takes advantage of social media platforms like Instagram.

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