NYPD Fires at a Man with Scissors!

According to the police, policemen in the Bronx shot a mentally unstable guy brandishing a pair of huge scissors after he lunged at them.

Just after 9 a.m., officers responded to a report in front of an elderly living home on Washington Avenue in the Melrose neighborhood of the Bronx and discovered an emotionally disturbed man holding a huge knife and pair of scissors.

Police claim that while they ordered him to put down the scissors, the man switched his focus to a passerby smoking a cigarette. A neighbor who lives upstairs overheard the disturbance and instantly began recording.

“I was sitting on my windowsill with my dog, and I see this young man come around the corner and the police yelling at him drop the scissors, drop it,” witness D. Barry Buddy Bolton. “He had a bladed weapon.”

Man With Scissors Shot by NYPD

At that point, the man allegedly charged the officers “in a full-fledged sprint,” prompting them to fire three shots, striking him twice. The 39-year-old male was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and, according to the police, has a history of mental illness.

He is anticipated to live. Four officers were brought to the hospital for evaluation, with at least one receiving tinnitus treatment.

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According to Chief of Patrol John Chell, the scenario “was fast, volatile, and dangerous,” and he acknowledged that the officers’ prompt action likely saved the life of an uninvolved party. The huge knife and scissors were found on the scene.

The individual who was shot, according to the authorities, had three past mental health encounters with police, including one in the Bronx last year, one in Brooklyn in 2017, and another in Brooklyn in 2015.

He allegedly had four prior arrests, including one from last year for resisting arrest, one from 2022 for assault, one from 2003 for a fare beating, and one from 2003 for criminal trespass.

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