Oregon State Police Have Issued A Warning About A “Armed And Dangerous” Suspect Who May Be Traveling North From Southeast Oregon

HUMBERTON COUNTY KPTV in Oregon – A dangerous man last spotted in Southeast Oregon is being warned about by the Oregon State Police. Authorities said the man was last spotted leaving Plush, Oregon, and headed north.

OSP reports that the unidentified culprit is driving a stolen burnt orange and silver 2001 Dodge Dakota 4-door and has been involved in numerous violent offenses from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Elko, Nevada. The truck is registered in Nevada with the number 436 NTR.

A white person, about 6 feet tall, with a lean frame and a beard, is the only detail provided about the individual. He was last spotted sporting a baseball cap, brown jeans, and a black jacket. Tan camouflage was another description of the pants.

According to OSP, the man should be treated as armed and dangerous because he has previously carried out home invasions and carjackings.

If you see someone, the Oregon State Police urges that you phone 911 or the Dispatch Center at 800-442-0776.

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