How Much Is Parker Stevenson Net Worth In 2022? Know About His Early Life, Personal Life And Career!

Parker Stevenson Net Worth: American actor Parker Stevenson, also known as Richard Stevenson Parker Jr., was born on June 4, 1952. He is best known for his roles as Frank Hardy in The Hardy Boys from the 1970s and Craig Pomeroy in Baywatch from the 1990s.

Parker Stevenson Early Life And Education

Richard Stevenson Parker Jr., one of two sons of investment advisor Richard Stevenson Parker Sr. and actress Sarah Meade, who appeared on Broadway and in numerous television commercials, was born as Stevenson on the Main Line of Philadelphia. When he was five years old, his mother took him to a filming location, and as a result, he made two brief television appearances.

Although Richard Jr. himself appeared in a few plays at Brooks Preparatory School, he then had no intention of becoming an actor and wanted to be an architect instead. The elder Parker, who had relocated his family to Rye, New York, disapproved of the entire business. You may also check Stevie Nicks’s Net Worth and Sean Astin’s Net Worth.

Parker Stevenson’s Personal Life

Parker Stevenson’s mother, Sarah Meade, was an actress, and his father, Richard Stevenson Parker Sr., was a financial advisor. She has made numerous television commercial appearances. Hutch Parker, Stevenson’s brother and a producer of movies is another family member.

On December 22, 1983, Stevenson married the actress Kirstie Alley. William True Stevenson was born to Stevenson and Alley on September 28, 1992. Daughter Lillie Price Stevenson, their second child, was born on June 15, 1994, thanks to Kirstie Alley. On December 16, 1997, Stevenson and Alley finalized their divorce.

Parker Stevenson Career Journey

Parker Stevenson, who played Stevenson in the 1972 film A Separate Peace, had his first major on-screen performance. After earning degrees in architecture from Princeton University and Brooks School, he relocated to Hollywood and scored a part opposite Sam Elliott in the 1976 movie Lifeguard.

Parker Stevenson Net Worth
Parker Stevenson Net Worth

Shaun Cassidy and Stevenson co-starred in The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries from 1977 to 1979 on ABC. The show was made by Glen A. Larson’s production firm through MCA-Universal Television (now NBCUniversal) with permission from the Stratemeyer Publication Syndicate.

He co-starred in the 1983 film Stroker Ace as Aubrey James, Burt Reynolds’ boisterous race-car driving adversary. Both critically and commercially, the movie was a flop. In the 1986 television miniseries North and South: Book II, Stevenson played Billy Hazard.

His then-wife Kirstie Alley, who played his sister Virgilia Hazard, co-starred alongside him in the film. He played the principal character of Austin James in the ephemeral 1988 TV series Probe. In the 1989 season, he was a member of the show’s initial cast.

He later appeared in the syndicated seasons of 1997 and 1998. Throughout the second season of Melrose Place, he played a recurring role as a computer tycoon. He was the lead in Legion. He appeared in a supporting role in the Western/mystery series Longmire in 2014.

Since he was a small child, Stevenson has been a photographer; you can view his work on his website. He played Louis Osmond, the Academy Director, at Greenhouse Academy from 2017 to 2020.

Parker Stevenson Net Worth

American actor and director Parker Stevenson has a 10 million dollar fortune.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Height of Parker Stevenson?

The height of Parker Stevenson is 1.83.

Where is the birthplace of Parker Stevenson?

The birthplace of Parker Stevenson is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

What is the Date of Birth of Parker Stevenson?

The birthday of Parker Stevenson is on 4 June 1952.

Is Parker Stevenson Married?

The marital status of Parker Stevenson is: Married.

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