Is Pedro Pascal Gay? A Look at His Personal Life and Relationships

José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal, better known as Pedro Pascal, was born on April 2, 1975, in Santiago, Chile. He subsequently moved to San Antonio, Texas, then Orange County, California, where he pursued his interest in drama.

Pedro Pascal began his career in guest roles on programs like Law & Order, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and NYPD Blue before breaking out with roles in Game of Thrones, Narcos, and now The Mandalorian and The Last of Us.

Many people have been interested in learning more about his personal life, particularly his romantic history. Pedro acknowledged noticing the present escalation in interest. Here in this post, we will discuss Pedro Pascal.

Is Pedro Pascal G@y?

Although Pedro is not a parent, he adopts a fatherly role to co-star with Bella Ramsay in the post-apocalyptic story. He is particularly surprised by how frequently he is referred to as “Daddy.” But there’s no doubt that fans want it to be more seductive.

Ladies, gentlemen, and LGBTQ+ people are keeping a careful check on Daddy Pedro as his fan base keeps expanding. The hit actor’s diversified side, dating history, and involvement with the LGBTQ+ community will now be discussed.

Since their 1990s encounter as teenagers in New York City, Pascal and Paulson have remained close friends. Paulson even had a key role in Pascal’s “Game of Thrones” casting.

Although there have been rumors of them dating in the past, it is quite unlikely that this is the case. Paulson formerly dated lesbian actress Cherry Jones and has been in a serious relationship with actress Holland Taylor since 2015.

Naturally, heterose*ual guys can also be the closest of friends to women. However, Pascal and Paulson seem to connect in ways that many g@y men and women will immediately identify in their friendships, as seen by the teasing and jibes they exchanged when riding together to the 2016 SAG Awards.

In the Game of Thrones, Pedro Pascal portrayed the bise*ual character Oberyn. Although it was one of his most successful roles, his se*ual orientation may have been frequently questioned due to this.

Pedro Pascal Gay

The subject of Pedro Pascal’s se*uality is still current. Pascal has long been a supporter of the LGBTQ community and frequently brings up issues pertaining to the group. His sister Lux Pascal came out as trans in 2021.


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Lux talked about her relationship with her brother and how he helped her change in an interview. She described how she called him and how Pedro told her he was thrilled for her.

The actor’s lack of recent dating confirmation is another factor contributing to fans’ ongoing se*uality rumor-making. Pedro dislikes discussing his relationships in public. In actuality, he hasn’t been in a relationship since 1990 that was made public.

Despite this, stories about his relationships with stunning women like Lena Headey, Sarah Paulson, and Maria Dizzia, as well as dashing males like Oscar Isaac, continued to surface. Let’s discuss Pedro Pascal’s previous relationships and known girlfriends.

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Although the dating rumors are amusing, they are mostly merely conjecture and do not establish Pedro Pascal’s se*ual orientation. It is often better to hold off on believing something completely until you get official confirmation. Fans of Pedro are eagerly anticipating that day.

Let’s go back to Pedro and his outspoken defense of the LGBTQ+ community. Pedro was nothing short of supportive when Lux, his younger sister, came out as transgender, as was previously documented.

One compelling reason Pedro is a big supporter of the LGBTQ+ community is the close relationship he has with his sister and her transition. The actor frequently shares information on his social media platforms that promotes causes, raises awareness among others, and asks for more community support.

Pedro once addressed a fellow actor about the pronouns individuals use to identify themselves. Gina Carano, Pedro’s Mandalorian co-star, came under fire for making transphobic remarks about people using pronouns on Twitter. During the debate, Gina claimed that Pedro personally called her to explain why using the pronouns is a kind gesture for the trans community.

Most famous people don’t choose to keep their dating life a secret, but Pedro does. He also keeps an element of mystery about him despite becoming well-known, which is unusual in Hollywood.

Most telling of all, Pascal mockingly referred to himself as “she” in a previous Instagram post with the comment “She complicated” in relation to the dramatic image he shared. G@y men have been using the term “she” to refer to themselves and to one another for a very long time. This term has its roots in drag subcultures.


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In this video, Pascal refers to his friends Oscar Isaac and Sarah Paulson as “daddy” and “mother,” respectively, in a way that embraces queer culture inside jokes. Many people want to know if Pedro Pascal has ever been married. The answer is no, of course. The actor is now quite single and has never been married.

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