Peso Pluma Cancels Tijuana Show After Cartel Death Threats

Peso Pluma, one of the most popular singers of the Mexican corridos genre, has decided to cancel his upcoming show in Tijuana, Mexico, after receiving death threats from a cartel. The singer, whose real name is Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, was scheduled to perform at Estadio Caliente on October 14, as part of his Doble P Tour.

However, on September 20, his record label Doble P Records announced on Instagram that the show was canceled “For the safety of everyone involved, we will cancel our show in Tijuana. Thank you so much to all our fans for understanding. We love you.”

Doble P Records announced on Instagram
Doble P Records announced on Instagram

According to a number of reports, on September 12 in Tijuana, there were banners with death threats against Peso Pluma. The banners read, “This goes to Peso Pluma, refrain from presenting yourself on October 14, as it will be your last show due to your disrespect and loose tongue, you show up and we are going to (break you),” and were signed by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, according to The Arizona Republic.

Due to death threats posted on banners throughout the city, Peso Pluma postponed his event in Tijuana:

This occurs before Pluma’s performance at Tijuana’s Estadio Caliente. Punto Norte reports that a 43-year-old man was detained with one of the flags.

Information on the individual detained in relation to the narcomantas put up as threats against Peso Pluma was disclosed by a regional prosecutor in Tijuana. “He was at the time and place. When he saw the authorities, he ran away. He was then arrested and found with narcotics in the bag. It was almost three in the morning,”

José Fernando Sánchez González, Secretary of Municipal Security and Citizen Protection, according to Billboard. Due to the lyrics in his narcocorridos, a type of regional Mexican music that depicts the drug trade, Peso Pluma has come under cartel attention.

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Several songs by Pluma have been performed from the perspective of a Sinaloa cartel member. Despite not claiming to be a part of the cartel, Pluma has stated (according to Pitchfork) that organizations sometimes pay for songs to be composed in their praise.

In the interest of public safety, Tijuana municipal president Montserrat Caballero Ramrez had earlier considered postponing the performance. Sadly, the individuals who want to attend these performances but are put in danger as a result are those who face the repercussions, she added.

Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, municipal president of Tijuana, spoke about the consequences of Peso Pluma’s music, while the singer is at the 2023 MTV VMAs to be awarded for talent:


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“Singers like Peso Pluma glorifies crime, so there are certain groups that get upset and unfortunately those who suffer the consequences are the citizens who want to attend their concerts and then are put at risk,” she said.

“In the next few days, we will determine whether the concert goes ahead or not.” A few hours before Peso Pluma’s performance at the 2023 VMAs, word of the cartel’s messaging surfaced.

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