President Biden Singing Happy Birthday To MLK Descendant’s Wife Goes Viral On Twitter!

As he attempted to sing “Happy Birthday,” President Joe Biden appeared to forget the name of Arndrea Waters King, and Twitter users ridiculed him for it.

On Monday, Biden spoke at the National Action Network’s annual breakfast honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Before he began singing to Martin Luther King III’s wife, he said that his wife had a tradition in their family that whenever someone was celebrating a birthday, they had to sing “Happy Birthday.”

President Biden Singing Happy Birthday
President Biden Singing Happy Birthday

The incident’s video went viral as people on Twitter made fun of the president. Greg Price, a senior digital strategist at X Strategies LLC, tweeted that Joe Biden had wished MLK III’s wife a happy birthday while completely forgetting her name.

Some others on Twitter likened it to a cringe-worthy comic skit from a sitcom or sketch show. “Joe Biden decided to sing MLK III’s wife a happy birthday song, but he forgot her name. This is a direct quote from “The Office.” Amazing, “Clay Travis, a radio personality, tweeted.

“Happy Birthday by Biden, which is appropriately located by the Curb Your Enthusiasm exit. This administration has made one mistake after another, “Miles Rahmi, a former director of communications for the Oklahoma Republican Party, tweeted.

“SNL is funny again at last!” Seth Weathers, the CEO of Freedom Speaks Up, tweeted. Watching the video of Biden trying to sing “Happy Birthday” while mispronouncing the person’s name is funny.

Tim Young, a political analyst and comedian, wrote, “This s—- is embarrassing.” Bobby Eberle, a Republican strategist, tweeted: “Is this Biden’s “Covfefe” Moment? Try not to giggle while watching this video, I dare you. Arndrea Waters King is receiving a happy birthday song from Biden.”

“Not a joke, guys,” Townhall managing editor Spencer Brown tweeted in what looks to be a parody of Biden’s remarks.

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