Ray Buffer Net Worth 2022: What Is Ray Buffer Being Accused Of?

Ray Buffer Net Worth: The American actor, singer, director, and producer Ray Buffer has a $700,000 net worth. He is most recognized for supporting parts in movies like American Gigolo, Russian Thug, Bullet Train, and TV shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Buffer was raised in South Florida and majored in musical theater while in college. At 13, he started his professional career as an actor and singer in opera companies, regional Equity theaters, and orchestras.

After graduating, he relocated to Central Florida and worked as a producer, director, and musical director for several theatrical plays and musicals in Florida. Buffer has since moved to Southern California and is now active as a concert soloist (bass-baritone), voice actor, and television, film, and theater actor.

Ray Buffer Early Life

On September 2, 1969, Ray Buffer was born in Greenacres, Florida. When he was 29 days old, Delana Hawks, a domestic helper, and Raymond Ernest Buffer Sr., a landscape architect, adopted him. In 2003, Patricia (Levak) Odell, his birth mother, was located after a long search.

His reconnection with his birth mother has expanded his family to include his maternal relatives. Buffer began learning the violin and other instruments when he was just a small child after realizing his love for music. He developed an obsession with theater when he was in high school.

Buffer attended John I. Leonard High School in Lake Worth, Florida, where he played the viola, piano, and string bass and engaged in jazz choirs and theater plays. In 1988, he started attending Florida Atlantic University and Palm Beach State College, eventually graduating with a BFA in musical theater.

Ray Buffer’s Personal Life

Despite not having any children together, he and his ex-wife, the writer and actress Roberta McMillan divorced in 2009. Recently relocating to Long Beach, California, Clayton Music Management is now in charge of his management (CMM). His agent is Jacqueline Stander of The Stander Group.


A San Diego merchant accused Buffer of stealing comic comics valued at hundreds of dollars. Southern California Comics in San Diego made the charges for the first time after a video of him stuffing his shirt with books surfaced last week.

After saying in a critical post the following day that the artifacts were worth more than $600, the merchant officially reported the incident to SDPD the next day. Since then, staff members have given police evidence, including a second video that they claim shows Buffer holding the books.

The retailer also unveiled a video of Buffer being caught in the act by a staff member in a similar incident at a Los Angeles comic shop the week before, in addition to the video of his claimed boost from the prior week.

After witnessing Buffer perform the same stunt at Metropolis Comics in Bellflower, the proprietor confronts Buffer in the video, claiming he was on camera. You may also read our trending articles like  Trevor Noah’s and Kendrick Lamar’s net worth.

After the store owner threatened to call the police, Buffer returned the comics and departed. His social media accounts have subsequently been erased, and he now alleges that the business owners are harassing him.

Ray Buffer Career

Throughout the 1990s, Buffer produced and directed plays, in addition to acting in both dinner theater and regional productions. In 1999, Buffer moved to Huntington Beach, California, from Orlando, Florida, where he was employed as an actor in several theaters and touring theme parks across the nation.

Rats & Bullies, his first full-length documentary about relational aggression, which focuses on Dawn-Marie Wesley’s death in Mission, British Columbia, Canada, was co-produced and directed by him and McMillan.

As a result of the film’s success in film festivals, a speaking tour of colleges and organizations across the US and Canada was organized. In 2004, he toured the country as a vocalist with the Mantovani Orchestra while also playing the part of Stage Manager Darrell on the acclaimed HBO comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Ray Buffer Net Worth
Ray Buffer Net Worth

In 2007, Buffer left his position as general manager of Long Beach Opera to start The Relevant Stage in San Pedro, California, which until 2011, primarily staged musical theater productions. In 2014, Buffer and partner Jonas Sills established the new theatre group Art-In-Relation.

Although it now creates content in Los Angeles and Hollywood, the company was established in Long Beach, California. Buffer continues to work as a musician, actor, and performer. He has appeared in movies including Russian Thug, American Gigolo, and Bullet Train in minor cameo appearances.

Ray Buffer’s Net Worth

Ray Buffer’s net worth is predicted to be around $700,000 as of 2022. Most of his wealth has been accumulated through his earnings from movies, television series, advertising, and music videos. Additionally, Buffer is a contract Santa and a self-employed graphic designer.

He has a demanding acting career, but he also invests in musicals and plays, and he may make thousands of dollars through performances on stage and at concerts. He is represented by Clayton Music Management (CMM), with Jacqueline Stander of The Stander Group serving as his agent. He currently resides in Long Beach, California.

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