Ringo Starr Net Worth 2022: Know About His Early Life, Personal Life And Career!

Ringo Starr Net Worth: English musician, composer, and vocalist Ringo Starr are well-known. He rose to fame as the drummer for the legendary group “The Beatles.” Despite being ill for the majority of his childhood, he was motivated to succeed in the “rock and roll” industry by his terrible health.

He was a part of another band called “Rory Storm and the Hurricanes” when “The Beatles” was first founded. His life was forever changed when he decided to join “The Beatles” in place of Pete Best after having only modest success with that group.

He joined the group, and the group soon appeared on most worldwide music charts. He became a well-known character in the music industry even though his contribution to music as a member of the band was not as well-received as anticipated.

This well-known individual has appeared in a lot of documentaries and television programs in addition to music. Additionally, he served as the host of the TV program “Thomas & Friends.” In addition, he is the creator of the supergroup “Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band.”

Ringo Starr Early Life

Richard Starkey, the son of Elsie Gleave and Richard Starkey, was born Ringo Starr on July 7, 1940, in Liverpool, Lancashire, England. When he was four, the family relocated to a different area. Within a year, his parents split and separated.

His mother worked several jobs to make ends meet after his parent’s divorce. When six-year-old Starkey contracted appendicitis and fell into a coma for three days, tragedy struck. After a year, he finally made a full recovery.

After he was released from the hospital in 1948, his mother forbade him from attending school. Starkey did not attend school until he was eight years old. He did poorly in school as a result.

The family suffered another tragedy in 1953 when Starkey was diagnosed with TB. He was then kept in an institution for close to two years. The hospital encouraged the patients to participate in the hospital band and enjoy music to boost motor activity and promote quicker healing.

At this point, he started to become interested in drumming. Meanwhile, in 1953, his mother wed Harry Graves, a former Londoner, who introduced Starkey to the music of Sarah Vaughan, Billy Daniels, and Dinah Shore.

He decided to stay at home after being released from the hospital rather than go back to school. He subsequently began to listen to music and showed a strong desire to learn it.

Ringo Starr’s Personal Life

In 1965, he wed Maureen “Mo” Tigrett. Together, they have three kids: Lee, Jason, and Zak. In 1975, the couple divorced. On the ‘Caveman’ set in 1980, he ran upon the actor Barbara Bach, with whom he fell in love and wed on April 27, 1981.

According to the “Sunday Times Rich List,” he had an estimated personal net worth of $150 million in 2011. You may also check our trending articles like Tobey Maguire and Austin Butler.

Ringo Starr Career

He had a brief stint working for “British Rail.” But because he failed the physical, he was unable to find a job and was given unemployment benefits. Then he performed a variety of odd jobs. He started working for a producer of equipment as an apprentice machinist somewhere around 1956.

He made friends with Roy Trafford, who shared his passion for music, while he was employed there.
Due to the number of rings he wore, he was given the nickname “Ringo” when he joined a Skiffle band, where his musical career first began.

Before joining Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, he joined Al Caldwell’s Skiffle band, “Texans.” His drum solos were designated as “Starr Time” and by this point, he had taken on the stage moniker “Ringo Starr.” He first connected with Liverpool’s “The Beatles” in 1960, and two years later, he replaced Pete Best in the group.

With his new bandmates John Lennon, George Harrison, and Paul McCartney, he soon found success. The “Beatles” provided Starr with his first professional recording opportunity in 1962. They recorded “Love Me Do/P.S. I Love You” as their debut song, and the following year, “Please Please Me” was released.

Ringo Starr Net Worth
Ringo Starr’s Net Worth

With the release of their debut album, “The Beatles” sparked a craze that later became known as “Beatlemania.” The song “Boys” also featured vocals by Starr. The ensemble had already gained international notoriety by the early 1960s.

They wrote the music in 1964 for the humorous documentary “A Hard Day’s Night,” in which Starr also acted. Starr had another opportunity to showcase his acting prowess in the 1965 movie “Help!” He also sang the song “Act Naturally” alone. His performance and poker-faced one-liners won him praise from the critics.

Starr got more distant from the gang than ever after briefly being ill, and he feared that they might have replaced him. He sang the main vocals on the song “Yellow Submarine” which was released as the band’s seventh album, “Revolver,” in 1966.

After having minor creative disagreements with “The Beatles,” he decided to focus on other endeavours, such as the 1969 movie “The Magic Christian.” Next, after Paul McCartney’s statement that he was quitting the group the following year, the “Beatles” broke up.

With the band’s breakup, Starr’s affiliation with one of the greatest musical groups of all time also came to an end. In 1970, he started a solo career and issued his first record, “Sentimental Journey.” He decided to experiment with country music on the album “Beaucoups of Blues” the following year.

In addition to releasing albums between 1971 and 1974, Starr worked on various types of art. He made cameos in movies like “Son of Dracula,” “That’ll Be the Day,” and “200 Motels.” In addition, he worked on the documentary “Born to Boogie.” He established his record label, Ring O Records, in 1975.

The company began signing musicians three years after it was founded, including Rab Noakes, Graham Bonnet, and David Hentschel. His albums “Ringo the 4th” and “Bad Boy” from 1977 to 1978 were commercial failures in the music industry.

He co-starred with Barbara Bach in the comedy movie “Caveman” in 1981. He released his eighth solo studio album, “Stop and Smell the Roses,” in the same year. Paul McCartney and he collaborated on the musical drama “Give My Regards to Broad Street” in 1984.

For the following two years, he also served as the host of the kids’ program “Thomas & Friends.” A crowded house witnessed the debut performance of “Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band” in Dallas, Texas, in 1989. Each band member had achieved success as an individual artist.

The group’s first official live CD, “Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band,” which was a collection of all their live performances, was published in 1990. He had a cameo appearance in an episode of the hit TV program “The Simpsons” the following year.

He released his studio album “Time Takes Time” in 1992, which included several guest appearances from other musicians. He started working on the “Beatles Anthology” project with other band members two years later.

After John Lennon’s passing, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr collaborated on the single “Free as a Bird,” which was released in 1995 and quickly rose to fame. Another song, “Real Love,” did similarly well on the charts and went on to become a massive success the following year.

Together with Mark Hudson, a member of his “All-Starr” band, he founded “Pumpkinhead Records” in 2003. He appeared on Jerry Lee Lewis’ duet album “Last Man Standing” three years later, where he sang a rendition of “Sweet Little Sixteen.”

“Liverpool 8,” another solo album by Starr, was released in 2008. He issued another studio album, titled “Y Not,” two years later. He joined “Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief” that same year. He issued the album “Ringo 2012” in 2012. The band “All-Starr” announced that they would be touring the Pacific Rim in the next year during the same year.

At the 56th “Annual Grammy Awards” in Los Angeles in January 2014, Starr joined McCartney for a performance of the song “Queenie Eye.” On March 31, 2015, his Postcards from Paradise, his 18th studio album, was made available. He issued his 19th studio album, “Give More Love,” in 2017.

Ringo Starr’s Net Worth

English musician, singer, songwriter, and actor Ringo Starr first rose to prominence as the Beatles’ drummer. With the ensemble, he occasionally performed lead vocals, often on one song from each album. Additionally, he has a lengthy solo career. Ringo Starr has a $350 million net worth.

Salary Highlights

Thirty years after the Beatles split, in 2013, Starr earned $3 million from touring and record sales. These days, he may easily make $3–5 million a year from a few live engagements.

Real Estate

Tittenhurst Park at Sunninghill in Berkshire was purchased by Starr in 1971, and he relocated his family there. Between their residences in Los Angeles, Cranleigh, England, and Monte Carlo, Starr and Bach divide their time. He also has a house in London’s Chelsea neighbourhood, close to King’s Road.

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