Robbie Knievel Net worth and How Did He Die? Cause of Death

Robbie Knievel, or Robert Edward Knievel II, was born to Evel and Linda (a former cheerleader) on May 7, 1962, in Butte, Montana. As a kid, he learned to ride a bike like his famous biker dad, Evel Knievel, who died in 2007.

At age 7, he got his first motorcycle, and at age 8, he performed with his father for the first time at Madison Square Garden. He dropped out of Butte’s Central Catholic High School to pursue job opportunities.

On the other hand, Evel Knievel nearly passed out in 1967 when he crashed his Harley-Davidson during a jump over the Caesars Palace fountains in Las Vegas. Still, Robbie completed the leap in 1989 with a specially designed Honda.

Robbie Knievel Net Worth

The American stuntman Robbie Knievel was valued at approximately $10 million in 2023. He amassed a sizable fortune through sponsorship deals, payments, and performances. He made most of his money from other sources, such as a salary, pricing pools, earnings, and bonuses. Robbie’s immense popularity on and off the field is rumored to be a significant factor in his massive wage.

Name Robbie Knievel
Net Worth (in Dollars) $10 Million
Monthly Income $32,000 +
Annual Salary $300,000+
Income Source Salary, Reward, Price Pool
Profession Stunt Performer
Age 60 (Died, January 13, 2023)

Robbie Knievel Career

Robbie started performing bike stunts at Madison Square when he was eight, joining his older brother Kelly. After completing a dangerous trick in 1968, he ended up in the hospital with several fractures, a crushed femur, a crushed pelvis, and other injuries.

He participated with his father in a performance at the Toronto Exposition in 1974. After that, he frequently traveled with his father and engaged in several relatively safe antics with his father’s OK. Early in the 1980s, Robbie decided to start doing solo shows.

Robbie Knievel Net Worth
Robbie Knievel Net Worth

He aimed to surpass nearly all of his father’s records. Robbie attempted to shatter every record but was unsuccessful and suffered severe injuries. But despite that, he continued, getting ready for the subsequent performance once he had recovered from his operations.

His performances have frequently been broadcast on television. Since Robbie has had so many surgeries, his doctors have advised against him attempting any more risky exploits. As a result, Robbie entered the world of entrepreneurship by founding Knievel Motorcycle Manufacturing Inc., a firm that creates bespoke motorcycles, safety equipment, and some of Robbie’s clothes.

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How Did Robbie Knievel Die? Cause of Death

On the morning of Friday, January 13, 2023, the world lost a tough competitor and daredevil performer. His name was Robbie Knievel. His characteristic backflip and other dangerous stunts made him famous, and he set multiple records and inspired a generation of daredevils.

Robbie Knievel lost his fight against pancreatic cancer. According to a family member, he has been receiving hospice care in Reno for several days as he continues battling cancer. No one has mentioned any details about his funeral service.

Kelly Knievel, his brother, confirmed his death to the Associated Press, saying, “Daredevils don’t lead easy lives.” They have to come up with a fresh way to leap each time.

Love Life

American actress Jenny McShane and Robbie Knievel were romantically involved. His daughter, actress Krysten Knievel, who starred in the television show “Knievel’s Wild Ride,” is his daughter.

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