SEVENTEEN Share Mini Album FML and Super Music Video!

SEVENTEEN, a K-pop stage-defier, has returned with their 10th mini album, FML. The release of the album follows the historic announcement that the new release had received more than 4.64 million pre-orders, the most pre-orders in K-pop history.

For the first time since their debut, SEVENTEEN offers two lead singles on FML—F**k My Life and Super. S.COUPS, the group’s leader, commented on the two tracks of opposing nature that showcase the act’s flare as both K-pop performance idols and a companion to their fans and listeners, saying, “Our new album contains both the music we want to present and the messages we want to convey.”

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F*ck My Life speaks to the everyday experiences of everyone barely getting by in life, capturing a state of mind consumed by negative thoughts. SEVENTEEN tell themselves to “Fight for my life” rather than making useless attempts to console others in need.

By doing this, the 13 members silently but effectively communicate to viewers that they will always be on ‘your’ side if you act the same way. Super is an alternative jersey club music that is accompanied by a big-budget performance, which is a change of pace.

As the single-minded team executes a challenging and potent choreography on a never-before-seen scale, the members and more than 200 dancers featured in the music video shine light on the importance of “coming together as one.”

SEVENTEEN Share Mini Album FML and Super Music Video

The mini album also includes the unit tracks “Fire” (from the Hip-hop Unit), “I Don’t Understand But I Luv U” (from the Performance Unit), and “Dust” (from the Vocal Unit), as well as another full group track called “April shower.”

FML is released nine months after SECTOR 17, the band’s fourth full-length album that was repackaged and peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 200.

Face the Sun, their fourth full-length album, had 3.28M copies sold in 2022, making it the best-selling album in Korea. Face the Sun and SECTOR 17 ranked as the 5th and 9th best-selling albums globally in 2022, respectively, on the IFPI’s Global Album Sales list.

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