Shirley Temple Net Worth 2022: How Did Shirley Become The Highest-Paid Actress?

Shirley Temple Net Worth: Shirley Temple Black was a highly sought-after young artist in the film and television industries. As a young child, she starred in movies like “Bright Eyes,” “Curly Top,” and “Heidi,” where her attractive face and innocent charms won the hearts of audiences everywhere.

The adorable young girl with curly hair quickly gained popularity and even had toys made in her likeness. Mothers rushed to purchase clothes for their daughters that resembled those Shirley wore, making her somewhat of a fashion icon.

She was exceptionally skilled and had won a special Juvenile Academy Award for her contribution to film in addition to being stunning. She was forced to retire at the age of 22 because her early success could not be translated into a lasting acting career in the future.

She returned to the entertainment industry several years later as a television narrator. Additionally, she entered politics and was appointed the US ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia. She was also the first woman to occupy the position of Chief of Protocol for the United States.

She served on the boards of directors for several significant businesses, including The Walt Disney Company and Bank of America, demonstrating her multifaceted nature.

Shirley Temple Early Life

The youngest child of Gertrude Amelia and George Francis Temple, she was born. Her mother stayed at home to take care of the house while her father worked at a bank. Her two brothers were. She has always enjoyed singing and dancing, and when she was just three years old, her mother enrolled her at Meglin’s Dance School to support her interests.

Shirley’s mother gave her ringlets because she was a fashionista. During a talent search at the dance academy, Educational Pictures spotted the adorable youngster and signed her in 1932. You may also check Bill Burr Net Worth and Mindy Kaling Net Worth.

Shirley Temple’s Personal And Married Life

She initially married John Agar, an Army sergeant, when she was 17 years old in 1945. In 1950, they divorced and had a daughter. In 1950, she married Charles Alden Black, a WWII American Navy intelligence officer.

Two kids were born to the couple. Charles passed away in 2005 after a 54-year marriage filled with love. She received a breast cancer diagnosis in 1972 and made a full recovery.

She was among the first well-known women to address the illness openly on radio and television after receiving treatment. On February 10, 2014, in Woodside, California, she passed away from chronic obstructive lung disease.

Shirley Temple Career

Her first projects included a run of one-reelers titled “Baby Burlesks” and a pair of reels titled “Frolics of Youth,” all of which she appeared in as Mary Lou Rogers. During this time, she also served as a model for several products, including cereals.

She appeared in a minor role in the 1932 film “Red-Haired Alibi” to make her debut in a major motion picture. Temple obtained a contract with Fox Films in 1934 after Educational Pictures filed for bankruptcy in 1933.

Shirley Temple Net Worth
Shirley Temple’s Net Worth

Her breakout film was “Stand Up and Cheer!” which was released the same year. Everyone adored the adorable and innocent young child, and the movie was a huge success. The six-year-old had an extremely active year in 1934.

She made appearances in several films, including “Bright Eyes,” in which she played an orphaned youngster in the centre of a contentious custody dispute. This movie was made expressly to highlight the young artist’s abilities.

In “Curly Top,” she portrayed Elizabeth, a young orphan (1935). The audience adored her portrayal of a charming but mischievous and vivacious youngster. The film was a huge box-office success.

She was frequently given roles as an orphan living in abject poverty or as a youngster who helped bring two loves back together. Her movies typically included a fairytale theme showing the triumph of virtue over evil.

She made many cinematic appearances in the late 1930s, including “Dimples” (1936), “Heidi” (1937), and “Little Miss Broadway” (1938). Her 1939 film “The Little Princess” was partially based on Frances Hodgson Burnett’s book of the same name.

Both critically and financially, the movie was a triumph. Shirley made her final film as a young artist when she was 11 years old. She was expected to maintain her success as a young actress, but that was not to be the case.

She appeared in two unsuccessful films in 1940. Shirley was sent to Westlake School for Girls when she was 12 because her parents wanted her to focus on her schoolwork. She stopped acting in movies in 1950 after starring in a string of unsuccessful movies.

In the late 1950s, she returned to the entertainment industry and narrated “Shirley Temple’s Storybook,” an anthology series on NBC that featured fairy tale adaptations. In addition, she performed in three of the series 16 episodes.

She became politically active in the 1960s, and President Gerald Ford named her the American ambassador to Ghana (1974–76). Additionally, she held the position of US Ambassador to Czechoslovakia (1989-92).

How Did Shirley Become The Highest-Paid Actress?

Shirley Temple, who achieved this before even reaching her teenage years, was at her height one of the highest-paid actors in the world. Shirley entered into a contract with Fox Films in 1934, when she was only six years old.

In the same year, she was cast in the film “Stand Up and Cheer!” which would later become her breakthrough role. Pretty soon Shirley was the talk of the town and making $1,250 per week, which, after accounting for inflation, is equivalent to $22,000.

Before turning 14, Shirley had made $3 million as a child actor, which, after accounting for inflation, works out to $34 million.

Shirley Temple’s Net Worth

At the time of her passing, Shirley Temple had a $30 million net worth. She was an American actress for cinema and television as well as a singer, dancer, author, and diplomat. In Woodside, California, Shirley Temple passed away on February 10, 2014, at the age of 85.

After the release of the film “Bright Eyes,” Shirley became a genuine superstar. Shirley’s now-famous singing abilities were showcased in the movie, which was written especially for her, during the song “On the Good Ship Lollipop.”

The sheet music for just the song sold 500,000 copies. Shirley continued to act in numerous movies, including “Curly Top,” “Our Little Girl,” “Poor Little Rich Girl,” “Dimples,” “The Littlest Rebel,” and “Heidi.” In the years they were released, a few of these movies had the highest box office receipts.

Shirley unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 1967. Later, she was appointed ambassador to Czechoslovakia and Ghana. Throughout her career, she also served on the boards of numerous companies, including Del Monte, The Walt Disney Company, Bank of America, and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shirley Temple’s Age?

Shirley Temple’s Age is 94 years.

What is the weight of Shirley Temple?

Shirley Temple weighs 110 lb / 50 kg.

What is the height of Shirley Temple?

Shirley Temple’s height is 5 ft 2 in / 157 cm.

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