What Is Silvio Scaglia Net Worth In 2022? How Many Companies Silvio Does Work For?

Silvio Scaglia Net Worth: Silvio Scaglia, a media, and technology entrepreneur, was born in Switzerland on October 14, 1958. Fastweb, an Italian telecom business, was founded by Scaglia.

Additionally, he was a founding partner of Freedom Holding, the holding company that governs Elite World Group (formerly Pacific Global Management Group). He started SHS management, an asset management business with AI, in the year 2020.

Silvio Scaglia Early Life

On October 14, 1958, in Lucerne, Switzerland, Scaglia was born. He pursued his education at the Polytechnic University of Turin, where he earned a cum laude in electronic engineering in 1983.

Silvio Scaglia Personal Life

Monica Aschei was the first spouse of Scaglia. He made his divorce plans public in 2017, and it was finalized in 2018. Scaglia’s first marriage produced three adult children. Chiara Scaglia, his eldest child, continues to work in the fashion industry despite having previously held a leadership position at La Perla.

Silvio Scaglia Net Worth
Silvio Scaglia Net Worth

Julia Haart was the spouse of Scaglia. Her last name became his. Early in 2022, Haart began the divorce process. He ranked 937 on Forbes’ list of the world’s billionaires as of March 1, 2010.

Silvio Scaglia Career Journey

Following graduation, Scaglia started working with Aeritalia Spazio, where he spent some time working on the Tethered satellite project in collaboration with NASA and an American aerospace business called Martin Marietta.

Scaglia spent three years as a project manager for Andersen Consulting after leaving his job at Aeritalia Spazio. In 1986, Scaglia joined McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, where he served customers in the German and Italian automobile industries.

Additionally, Scaglia worked as a consultant for the Italian company Piaggio & C. SpA. Alongside Italian businessman Giovanni Alberto Agnelli, Scaglia was appointed general manager of Piaggio’s Spanish affiliate in the early 1990s.

Later, under the direction of Agnelli, he was appointed Senior Vice President at Piaggio, where he oversaw the relaunch of the company’s operations outside of Europe and restored its presence in China, India, and Latin America.

Omnitel Company

After receiving the second mobile telephone license in 1994, Scaglia joined Omnitel, now Vodafone Italy, where he served as CEO and oversaw the company’s initial launch in 1995. Scaglia led Omnitel as CEO until 1999. You may also check Priscilla Presley Net Worth and Chris Rock Net Worth.


Babelgum is an interactive television platform that offers free, high-definition video content on demand. Scaglia founded it on March 5, 2007. As “a sort of professional alternative to YouTube,” he put it.

The firm aspired to merge traditional television’s “immersive viewing experience” and visual quality with features made feasible by the internet. The first international online film festival devoted to independent film, the Babelgum Online Film Festival, was introduced by Babelgum on September 1, 2007.

A professional panel led by Spike Lee chose the winners after the shortlists were chosen by viewers. According to Lee, the website offers a cutting-edge platform for showcasing the skills of upcoming filmmakers. After activity had been hampered by Scaglia’s legal troubles, Babelgum entered liquidation in 2012, and the site was shut down.

Elite World Agency

Elite World, SA, the world’s first talent media network and the largest global network of model management agencies, was acquired by Scaglia in 2011. Elite World experienced a large uptick in sales in the years immediately following Scaglia’s acquisition of the company.

With a new emphasis on digital marketing tactics and strategic acquisitions, the business was well-positioned for expansion. Shanghai, China was the first global network of modeling agencies to establish a location. Elite World introduced The Society Management New York in 2013. It bought Women Management in both New York and Paris that same year.

La Perla Company

With a bid of 69 million euros on June 4, 2013, Scaglia’s SMS Finance company was successful in acquiring the lingerie and clothing company La Perla.

He attempted to allay concerns about the veracity of his desire to support La Perla by declaring in an interview with the daily La Repubblica that “After Omnitel and Fastweb I will personally give La Perla my all: For me, this is a personal task I am strongly committed to.”

La Perla suffered a massive brand makeover under Scaglia’s direction, which despite an increase in sales resulted in the company being unable to return the capital invested. La Perla was sold to Sapinda Holding BV in February 2018.

Yewno Investment Company

In 2016, Scaglia made an investment in Yewno, the “discovery platform” created by Ruggero Gramatica with help from Stanford University, through his Pacific Capital investment company (now Freedom Holding Inc.).

SHS Company 

SHS A.M., a knowledge-based, quantitative asset management firm, was established by Scaglia in 2020.

Silvio Scaglia Net Worth

Silvio Scaglia Hart’s net worth is projected to exceed $1 billion as of 2022. He was being prosecuted at the time for allegedly conspiring with nearly 50 others in a $2.7 billion plot to launder money and evade taxes.

In addition to upholding his innocence, he was cleared of all allegations in 2013 and again in 2017. The court in Rome ruled that he was “completely uninvolved in the matter.” His persistent drive to work and take on new ventures is largely responsible for his net worth remaining consistent at close to $1 billion.

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