Somaya Reece Net Worth 2022: How Did Reece Make Her Money?

Somaya Reece Net Worth: American-born Somaya Reece was reared in the city of California. She is a first-generation citizen. Somaya had a difficult time adjusting to US culture because her parents were from El Salvador. Somaya was the type of person who never gave up and performed well in everything.

She was brought in to meet with William Morris agents, and that’s when her life changed. As soon as things got going for Somaya, she was cast in over 45 national advertisements with comic parts.

Somaya went on to perform in reality television shows and release her music in the years that followed. In addition to being a self-employed artist, Somaya has dabbled in publishing and commerce. The wiki-bio of Somaya Reece is examined in more detail in this article.

Somaya Reece Early Life

On June 17, 1986, in Los Angeles, California, Somaya was born. Somaya struggled to develop and spent a large portion of her childhood living on the streets. Somaya dropped out of school between the ages of 11 and 18, joined street gangs, and was stabbed as a result.

Due to her mother’s verbal abuse of Somaya and her father’s alcoholism, her parents weren’t the best role models. As a result, Somaya had an incident where she fled her house. Somaya became pregnant during all of this and desired to go back home.

Somaya sought refuge with the mother of her boyfriend when her mother kicked her out. Somaya’s boyfriend’s mother frequently treated her cruelly and wasn’t the caring mother she was looking for. Tragically, Somaya’s kid was killed there while she was there.

Later, Somaya went on to the University of California, Los Angeles, to finish her studies. You may also check our trending articles like Vanna White and Scottie Pippen.

Somaya Reece’s Personal Life

Somaya Reece has always been outspoken about her sexuality and identifies as bisexual. Somaya has dated both men and women in the past, but Shanell Jones was her most recent partner. She first dated Twilight actress Kellan Lutz, who was well-known.

After the breakup in 2009, Somaya developed feelings for the rapper Joe Budden. For Somaya, the relationship didn’t work out because she afterward dated XO, another rapper. After their breakup in 2013, Somaya went along without a significant other before making her relationship with Jessica White public in 2016.

Then, Somaya and Shanell Jones began a committed relationship, and on March 20, 2017, they became engaged. The couple’s relationship didn’t last, and they eventually called it quits. Throughout her acting career, Somaya struggled with weight and decided to lose a few pounds. She changed her diet routine and exercise routine, which was successful for her.

Somaya Reece Career

Somaya intended to become an actor after receiving her degree in theater. She struggled to find jobs and was employed as a hotel maid. Agents for William Morris got in touch with Somaya when she was staying at the hotel.

Somaya Reece Net Worth
Somaya Reece Net Worth

The encounter marked a turning point in Somaya’s career, and she quickly rose to fame as the face of numerous global businesses. In 1998, she made her acting debut. American Psycho, The Scorpion King, The Girl from the Naked Eye, Slammed, and Ride or Die quickly followed.

Somaya started making appearances in reality TV shows after her roles in films, including Girlfriends, Love and Hip Hop, Famously Single, and First Family of Hip Hop. Somaya, a rapper who has topped charts all across Latin America, is also a singer.

She has a strong interest in business and runs the clothing line This Fits Me. Along with her girlfriend, Somaya runs a record label called La Rosa Ent. and a television production company called The Greatest Entertainment.

Somaya Reece’s Net Worth

American singer and reality television personality Somaya Reece has a 4 million dollar fortune. Somaya Reece obtained that riches through her budding career as a model and actress in addition to her music career.

She became well-known through viral advertising, primarily on MySpace. Her movies have been viewed 31 million times, and at their height, she was receiving over 5000 friend requests per day on Myspace.

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