Stefan Burnett Net Worth 2022: Early Life And Career Detail!

Stefan Burnett Net Worth: Rapper, singer, and visual artist Stefan Corbin Burnett is better known by his stage name, MC Ride, in the United States. He is one of the active members of Death Grips, an avant-garde hip-hop ensemble.

He had already begun his musical career before forming this group, and in 2010 he met Zach Hill and Andy Morin, the band’s drummer and keyboardist, respectively. Since joining the band, he has developed an aggressive rapping style.

Stefan Burnett Early Life

On May 10, 1978, in Sacramento, California, MC Ride was born. He keeps a lot of his personal information to himself and is a very private person. Only he and the other members of his family are aware of his upbringing.

However, he was raised in California and has always had a passion for music. He once gave performances at neighborhood clubs and other gatherings. MC Ride has avoided drawing attention to his educational background in the media.

However, he advanced to the university level by enrolling at Hampton University to study Visual Arts. He dropped out along the way, though, to pursue a career in music. Thus, he never received his degree.

Stefan Burnett’s Personal Life

The ride has kept his personal life private, including any details about his relationships. According to numerous accounts, he is single and not dating anyone. He has also admitted in multiple interviews that he has a tiny group of friends and is very private.

Zach Hill, a bandmate and one of his closest pals, has stated that he is highly private. Take a look at Samuel L Jackson and Kendrick Lamar’s net worth.

Stefan Burnett Career

When MC Ride started, he went by the stage name “Mxlpxl.” He subsequently joined forces with his brother, Swank Daddy, a rapper from Sacramento by the name of UNG G, and the three of them created the hip-hop trio Fyre.

Stefan Burnett Net Worth
Stefan Burnett Net Worth

They halted their endeavor when his brother married because he could no longer work with the group. In 2010, he adopted the moniker “Ride,” and with his neighbor Zach Hill, they founded the Death Grips.

Hiss was a skilled drummer who eventually joined his friend and fellow producer, Andy Morin. The group immediately started to perform, and in March 2011, they issued their debut EP. They released a mixtape called Ëxmillitary” a month later, and music journals gave it favorable reviews.

In 2012, the band signed with Epic Records, and soon after that, their first album was made available. “No Love Deep Web,” their second album, was leaked in 2012 but eventually released in 2013. After that, Epic Records dropped them.

Government Pilates, their third album, was released in the same year as “The Power That B,” their fourth. On July 24, 2014, Death Grips declared their desire to dissolve the band. However, they got back together in January 2015 and issued “Fashion Week,” an instrumental soundtrack.

In May 2016, they released “Bottomless Pit,” their fifth studio album. “Year of Snitch,” their sixth album, was released in the middle of 2019.

Stefan Burnett Awards And Achievements

MC Ride has not been fortunate enough to get any honors throughout his career. His greatest accomplishment is his ability to draw large crowds with his songs. He is still actively pursuing his career. Thus, he will soon begin to receive several honors.

Stefan Burnett’s Net Worth

MC Ride has amassed substantial wealth from his career, and as of 2022, his estimated net worth is $3 million. His success as a rapper, songwriter, and visual artist has contributed significantly to his wealth.

He has been active over the years, creating several top albums and singles, ultimately generating enormous sales. His participation in tours, stage performances, and numerous concerts worldwide is another way he makes money.

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