Steph Curry Net Worth 2022: How Much Does Under Armor Pay Curry?

Steph Curry Net Worth: American professional basketball player Stephen Curry plays for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. Stephen Curry has been dubbed the best shooter in NBA history by several players as well as pundits. He is the first child of Dell Curry, who is regarded as one of the top 3-point shooters in league history.

He has twice in a row earned the NBA Most Valuable Player Award, including the first unanimous victory in league history. In addition to helping his club shatter the record for the most victories in an NBA season, he led the “Warriors” to their first title in forty years.

By breaking the scoring mark for Davidson and the Southern Conference, he twice won the “Southern Conference Player of the Year” award. During his second year of college, he also established the “NCAA” record for the most three-pointers made in a season.

He owns the NBA record for the most three-pointers made in a regular season, a mark he twice broke. He is well known for his shooting prowess. He and his colleague Klay Thompson are referred to as the “Splash Brothers” because of the season-high total of three-pointers they each made.

Steph Curry Early Life

Wardell Dell Curry, a former NBA player, and his wife Sonya, a former volleyball player at “Virginia Tech,” welcomed their son Stephen Curry II on March 14, 1988, in Akron, Ohio. His brother Seth plays professional basketball for the “Dallas Mavericks,” and he is the oldest child of his parents. Sydel, another sibling of his, is a volleyball player at “Elon University.”

When Stephen was born, his father was a member of the “Cleveland Cavaliers,” but eventually joined the “Charlotte Hornets” in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Stephen spent most of his youth. He and his brother used to be driven by their father to their sibling’s practice sessions.

After his father joined the “Toronto Raptors” club, the family spent a brief period there. Stephen oversaw the boys’ basketball team at Queensway Christian College during this time, leading them to an unbeaten season. He enrolled at “Charlotte Christian High School” after the family relocated back to Charlotte.

Most coaches passed him over because of his little stature and refrained from recruiting him. Coach Seth Greenberg turned him down even though he intended to enroll at “Virginia Tech,” where his father had attended college.

After being persuaded by a coach by the name of Bob McKillop, who first saw Curry’s potential when he watched him play at the age of ten, Curry eventually enrolled at “Davidson College” in November 2005. You may also check our trending articles like Ben Affleck and Sanaia Applesauce.

Steph Curry’s Personal Life

On July 30, 2011, in Charlotte, Stephen Curry wed Ayesha Alexander, his college love. As teenagers, they first connected in a Christian youth group. Together with their two daughters, Riley Elizabeth Curry and Ryan Carson Curry, and son, Canon W. Jack Curry, they reside in Alamo, California.

He is a devoted Christian who frequently shares his faith in God both in talks and during games. On his wrist, he also has a Hebrew tattoo of First Corinthians 13:8. Curry learned about the malaria outbreak through his Davidson colleague Bryant Barr when they were both in school.

He decided to support the United Nations Foundation’s “Nothing But Nets” program for three years starting in 2012 by donating three insecticide-treated mosquito nets for each 3-pointer he made. He spoke in support of the “President’s Malaria Initiative” for five minutes while visiting with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office in 2015.

In 2016, Stephen founded the production firm “Unanimous Media” with his buddies Jeron Smith and Erick Peyton. They partnered with Sony Pictures Entertainment as a distributor. The business was named in honor of Curry’s accomplishment of winning the NBA’s first-ever unanimous MVP award.

Steph Curry Career

College Career

Stephen Curry participated in his first collegiate game against “Eastern Michigan” after enrolling “At Davidson College.” While he only managed to score 15 points and had 13 turnovers in the game, he proved himself against “Michigan” by scoring 32 points.

That season, he was named the “Southern Conference Freshman of the Year” after averaging 21.5 points per game to become the second-highest scorer in the country. His record-breaking 122 three-pointers as a rookie in the first season were followed by an even better showing in the 2007-08 campaign.

Steph Curry Net Worth
Steph Curry’s Net Worth

He helped the “Davidson Wildcats” extend their winning streak to 22 games and go to their first NCAA Tournament since 1969. He scored 34 points in his junior year to become Davidson’s all-time leading scorer.

On November 18, 2008, he also surpassed his previous career high of 44 points against “Oklahoma.” He outscored John Gerdy, the previous scoring leader, by a large margin that season, taking over as the “NCAA” scoring leader.

Professional Career

To play in the “NBA,” Stephen Curry left “Davidson College” before completing his senior year. In the 2009 NBA draft, the “Golden State Warriors” selected him as the seventh overall choice. He set a record for the most three-pointers made by a rookie in the history of the league with 166 as a youngster, showcasing his shooting ability right away.

However, he was kept out of the spotlight for the following two seasons by recurrent injuries and the fact that he played for a bad team. He fully recovered from his ankle sprain throughout the 2012–2013 campaign.

The nickname “The Splash Brothers” was then given to him and his teammate Klay Thompson as a result of their record number of three-pointers made together in a season. Stephen shot 272 three-pointers on his own during the season, breaking the “NBA” record.

He participated in his first “All-Star” game for the “West” during the following season, and he was later chosen for his first “All-NBA Team.” He also surpassed Jason Richardson to become the Warriors’ top three-point shooter. He achieved 286 three-pointers during the 2014–15 season, breaking his league record for the most made in a season.

He assisted the Warriors in winning their first championship since 1975 in 2015, and the NBA voted him the year’s “Most Valuable Player.” The following year, he contributed to his club winning 24 straight games, resulting in 73 victories overall, an NBA record.

Curry led the ‘Warriors’ to their second consecutive ‘NBA Finals’ despite being injured, but even his record-setting 27 three-pointers in a final game couldn’t turn the tide for the squad. Throughout the 2015–16 season, he proceeded to shatter records, including his own, increasing the new mark for the most three-pointers made to 402.

He also made history in the NBA by becoming the first player ever to get a unanimous vote for “Most Valuable Player.” Curry finished the 2016–17 NBA season with 324 three-pointers, shattering multiple three-point records and going over 300 threes for the second time in league history.

His club became the quickest team in NBA history to clinch a postseason berth by February 25, 2017. At the 2007 “FIBA Under-19 World Championship,” Stephen made his debut with the United States National Basketball team and helped the group win a silver medal.

Later, as a member of the senior team in 2010, he assisted his team in bringing home a Gold medal. In the 2014 “FIBA Basketball World” Cup, his squad also went undefeated. In the 2018 NBA Finals, Curry steered the “Golden State Warriors” to their third title in four years.

Steph Curry’s Net Worth

American professional basketball player, brand ambassador, and venture capitalist Steph Curry. Steph Curry has a $160 million net worth as of this writing. Steph Curry, widely regarded as the best shooter in NBA history, has gained notoriety in the current era of basketball.

He is regarded as redefining the sport with his consistent ability to make extraordinarily deep 3-point shots. Stephen Curry is recognized as one of the greatest players of all time, period, in addition to holding the distinction of the best shooter in NBA history.

Golden State Warriors selected Stephen as the seventh overall choice in the first round of the 2009 NBA Draft. Later, the group would triumph in the NBA Finals in 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2022.

How Much Does Under Armor Pay Curry?

The four-time NBA champion and Under Armour began working together in 2013, and his current reputed US$20 million per year contract with the Baltimore-based company is scheduled to expire in 2024.

Salary Highlights

Steph only made $3 million a year between the NBA and endorsements in his first few seasons in the NBA, without any notable endorsement deals. Steph is currently one of the world’s highest-paid celebrities. He typically makes between $80-90 million each year, including $50 million from his NBA contract and another $30 to 40 million from sponsorships.

From her salary and sponsorships, Steph made almost $50 million between June 2016 and June 2017. Steph made $76,9 million between June 2017 and June 2018. Steph Curry made $80 million from all of his efforts between June 2018 and June 2019.

He made about $130 million in salary during his first ten years in the NBA, and an additional $150 million from endorsements. He has collaborated with companies like Under Armour, Nike, and TCL’s “Palm” phone line. Curry is a notable investor who actively participates in testing and development for the Palm device.

Real Estate

Steph and Ayesha Curry invested $31 million in a brand-new home in Atherton, California, in September 2019. The 1.2-acre, the three-story residence has a detached garage and a separate guest house.

He still owns a different residence in Walnut, California, which he paid $3.2 million for back in 2015. Before this, he had a house in Alamo, California, which he had purchased in 2016 for $5.775 million and sold in January 2019 for $6.3 million.

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