Sumner Stroh Net Worth 2022: How Much She Earn From TikTok?

Sumner Stroh Net Worth: Sumner Stroh, born on August 11, 1999, and now resides in Austin, Texas, was raised in New Braunfels, Texas. She grew up with her mother, Tracey Ann Stroh, two younger brothers, Brandon and Asher, and an older sister, Baylen Stroh, who is also the creator and designer of Strung By Stroh.

This company specializes in creating exquisite jewelry. They are all members of a sizable, loving family. Sumner Stroh was born on August 11, 1999; as of this estimate, she is 23 years old. Let’s discuss her height, weight, and overall physical condition as they relate to the cricket industry.

Fans are drawn to Sumner Stroh’s 165 cm, 1.65 m, and five ′ four ′′ height, weight, and physical condition. She weighs 56 kg, which is kilos. Weight. Sumner Stroh has a 34-inch bra size, a 34-inch hip measurement, and a 26-inch waist measurement. He has eyes and hair that are both black. He is also sporting a pair of size eight shoes.

Sumner Stroh Early Life

Sumner Stroh was born in an American family on August 11, 1999. She went by the name Sumner and was born under the sign of Leo. She is of mixed heritage but is a citizen of the United States. Regarding her parents, there is, however, no information at this time.

Her older sister’s name is Baylen Stroh. She is well-known online and launched the apparel and jewelry business Strung by Stroh. After graduating from New Braunfels High School, Stroh decided to further her studies by enrolling at The University of Texas at Austin.

She majored in business administration and advertising there. She currently manages marketing for her sister’s jewelry company and has previously worked as a media manager for Bumble and a digital influencer for Boohoo Group PLC.

Sumner Stroh Net Worth
Sumner Stroh Net Worth

Sumner Stroh Personal Life

Sumner Stroh is well-known online as a result of her well-liked Tiktok video. The video displayed images of her conversation with musician Adam Levine. The vocalist is famous for popular singles like Animals, Girls Like You, Memories, and many others as a member of the pop rock band Maroon 5.

His union with the model Behati Prinsloo took place in 2014. The couple has had two children in the last eight years, and their third child is due very soon. Despite being in a committed relationship, the singer may be cheating.

The Tiktok video shows Adam contacting Sumner on Instagram constantly about various topics. He even asked for her approval before naming his third child after her. The model had had it with him and wanted to expose him online publicly.

Since it was released on Tiktok, the video has received over ten million views, and different users often re-post it on other social media platforms. Even though the video is everywhere on the internet, Levine has not yet made any public statements.

Sumner Stroh Career

Sumner Stroh began her modeling career a few years ago. She began modeling while still a college student. While pursuing her bachelor’s, she worked as an intern for two companies. She worked for Bumble for 17 months as a media manager before working for Boohoo Group PLC for over two years as a digital influencer. Also, Check Hamid Moghadam’s Net Worth, and Carrie Underwood Net Worth

According to her LinkedIn page, she is the marketing manager of Strung by Stroh. The company was started by Sumner’s sister, as was already reported. She began sharing her stunning modeling images on her Instagram account as part of her modeling business.

She has been primarily utilizing the website for more than eight years. She did, however, make her account public to get more notoriety. She amassed hundreds of followers as her photos gained popularity over time. More than 364k people follow her on Instagram right now.

According to Sumner Stroh’s TikTok profile, she mainly shares video compilations with background music. In the videos, she can be seen displaying her beautiful appearance. She presently has 3.8 million likes altogether and more than 373k followers. After she shared the video with Adam Levine, her Instagram and Tiktok following significantly increased.

Aside from this, she has her own YouTube channel with over 6,000 subscribers. She uploaded fashion videos to the track over around 1.5 years. She unexpectedly stopped making them after her last one, uploaded in July 2021.

Sumner Stroh’s Net Worth

Sumner Stroh has a total net worth of $500,000. (estimated). Her primary revenue sources are modeling and sponsorships. She performs modeling work for a confident person or business and is paid a defined fee.

On the other hand, her social media profiles show her advertising a variety of swimwear and trendy items. She has already worked with prestigious companies, including OneOne Swim, Princess Polly, Inamorata, and many more. The following is a list of her anticipated sponsorship income from Instagram and Tiktok.

Her engagement rate on Tiktok is less than 1%, and a sponsored post may cost a few hundred dollars. Her Instagram account has a 2.5 percent engagement rate. According to our calculations, she might receive $1,200 for recommending a particular good.

Final Lines

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