Tamera Mowry Net Worth 2022: What Is Her Real Estate?

Tamera Mowry Net Worth: American actress Tamera Mowry, along with her twin sister Tia Mowry, gained notoriety for playing Tamera Campbell in the wildly popular ABC/WB sitcom “Sister, Sister.” Tamera and Tia, endowed with a natural gift for acting, thought they would be performers from the start.

Soon after convincing their parents of their artistic abilities, they persuaded them to leave their native Germany and move to Los Angeles, California. After making their modest debut in the entertainment industry with a few guest roles and appearances in talent competitions, the girls broke through with the series “Sister, Sister.” Since then, they have been unstoppable.

The medical drama “Strong Medicine,” in which Tamera starred as Dr. Kayla Thornton, was her next big break. After that, she appeared in “Roommates,” “Things We Do for Love,” and “Tia & Tamera,” the latter of which was a hugely popular reality show focusing on the twin sisters’ daily life.

Tamera currently serves as one of the hosts of the July 15, 2013, debut of the chat show “The Real.” In addition to her artistic abilities, she is a talented singer. The twins have frequently displayed their singing prowess. During seasons five and six, they sang renditions of the songs “You Can’t Hurry Love,” “Amazing Grace,” and “I’m Going Down,” in addition to the “Sister, Sister” theme song.

Tamera Mowry Early Life

On July 6, 1978, in Gelnhausen, West Germany, to parents of mixed ancestry, Tamera Darvette Mowry was born. Her father, Timothy John Mowry, is of English ancestry, while her mother, Darlene Renee Mowry (née Flowers), is of Afro-Bahamian origin.

Her father was an army veteran who later worked as a custodial officer for the Glendale Police Department in the City of California. Her mother is the manager of her kids. Tamera Mowry has three siblings: two younger brothers, Tahj and Tavior, and a twin sister, Tia, who is two minutes her junior.

When they were eight years old, the twin sisters underwent a rebirth as Christians. She enrolled at Pepperdine University to study psychology after finishing her primary schooling. Check out Trick Daddy and Trevor Noah’s net worth as well.

Tamera Mowry’s Personal Life

Because of her Christian views, Mowry stayed celibate for a long time. Although she eventually lost her virginity at 29, she felt terrible about it and resolved to wait to get married till then. Tamera wed Fox News contributor and former professional baseball player Adam Housley in 2011.

Before getting married, they dated for six years. They have had two children together throughout their relationship.

Tamera Mowry Net Worth
Tamera Mowry’s Net Worth

Tamera Mowry Career

Early in the 1990s, Mowry started performing in TV shows like “Flesh ‘n’ Blood,” “True Colors,” and “Full House.” When she and Tia were cast as the leads in “Sister, Sister,” she and Tia made their first significant breakthrough.

Tamera had time to star in other shows, such as “Are You Afraid of the Dark,” while appearing in “Sister, Sister.” Additionally, she was cast as a voice actor in “The Adventures of Hyperman.” Before obtaining another voice acting position in “Detention,” Tamera appeared in an episode of “Smart Guy” in 1997.

“Sister, Sister” was finished by this stage. Later, Tamera had TV appearances in movies including “Something to Sing About” and “Seventeen Again.” Tamera collaborated with her twin sister once more in the Disney TV movie “Twitches” after landing a two-year role in “Strong Medicine.”

She later played the same character in the follow-up, “Twitches Too.” Before Tamera made an appearance in “Double Wedding,” another TV movie, she had a few more voice acting gigs on “Family Guy” and “The Super Hero Squad Show.” The reality program “Tia & Tamera” featured Mowry in 2011, and it ran for two years.

She started working as a co-host for “The Real” in 2013, a role she held for seven years. Tamera made other television appearances over the following few years, including “Melissa & Joey,” “Talking Dead,” “Hollywood Darlings,” “Daytime Divas,” and “Help Us Get Married.” She is also recognized for her role in “The Hot Chick” movie.

Business Ventures

Need Brand is the name of the business that Tia and Tamera founded. They both became mothers at around the same time. Two items have been made available: Milky!, a milk bottle, and Stretchy! (a stretch mark cream). “Twintuition: Double Vision” and “Twintuition: Double Trouble,” two books the duo wrote, have also been published.

Tamera Mowry’s Net Worth

Tamera Mowry is an American actress with a $4 million fortune. The roles that Mowry is best known for on television. Her performance in “Sister, Sister,” which she shared with her identical twin sister Tia Mowry, maybe what most of her fans are familiar with.

She made appearances in several TV series over the last few years. The reality television program “Tia & Tamera,” which tracked the lives of the two sisters, also made Tamera famous. Mowry also served as the host of the chat show “The Real” for seven years.

Real Estate

2011, Tamera Mowry covertly pay an undisclosed sum for a house in Northern California’s Napa Valley. Mowry and her husband Adam renovated the house over time, giving their kitchen a “Southern” feel.

A 400-bottle wine cellar and a sizable backyard with countryside views are different features of their home. Adam’s family owns a neighboring vineyard. Tamera paid $1.425 million for vacant land in Playa del Rey in 2014.

Observers noted that Tamera and Adam were likely considering constructing their custom home on the 5,000-square-foot property in the private neighborhood near the Los Angeles airport.

Final Lines

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