Thalia Mottola Net Worth 2022: How Did Thalia Become Famous?

Thalia Mottola Net Worth: Mexican singer, songwriter, producer, actor, and businessperson Thala. She is regarded as one of the most important musicians from Mexico ever. She was born in Mexico City, Mexico, into an established Mexican family.

She experienced severe psychological trauma as a child as a result of her father’s passing. She became very interested in performing arts and began her musical career with the children’s band Pac-Man. She released her first solo album, titled “Thala,” in 1990.

She never looked back after her debut album’s chart-topping success. She has twelve studio albums under her belt and has become more successful abroad than any other Mexican woman musician has ever been.

She is referred to as the “Queen of Latin Pop” and has sold more than 25 million recordings to date. Throughout her career, she has garnered countless accolades and worked with some of the most well-known musicians to ever live. She also has a fashion company and has occasionally appeared as an actor in telenovelas.

Thalia Mottola Early Life

Ariadna Thala Sodi Miranda gave birth to Thala on August 26, 1971 in Mexico City. She is her parents’ eldest daughter. She was raised in a stable upper-middle-class Mexican family. Her father, Ernesto Sodi Pallares, was a scientist, criminologist, pathologist, and author.

Her mother, Yolanda Miranda, was a well-known painter. The youngest of the family’s five children, Thala, was strongly encouraged to pursue art by her mother. Thala made her first-ever TV appearance when she was just a year old thanks to the fact that her parents knew many individuals in the entertainment business.

Her very first ad was for a well-known Mexican company. Her mother enrolled her at the “National Conservatory of Music of Mexico” when she was 4 years old after noticing her passion for music and the arts. There, Thala began taking piano and dance lessons.

She had a significant tragedy when she was six years old. Her father’s protracted illness claimed his life. She was quite close to her father, and she had a hard time coping with his passing. Later, she acknowledged that the loss of her father had severely traumatized her and that it had taken her a long time to recover.

She visited psychiatrists and danced and sang to distract herself from the pain. She was subsequently identified as having childhood disintegrative disorder (CHD). She went to the “Liceo Franco Mexicano” elementary school, where she experienced frequent bullying.

Thalia Mottola Personal Life

In December 2000, Thala wed music mogul Tommy Mottola. Sabrina Saka, a daughter, and Matthew Alejandro, a son, are their two children. Thala asserts that she is a devout Christian who believes in God.

She also refers to this in her memoirs. She reportedly does not get along with her sisters. Thala experienced Lyme disease in 2008 and spent some time in bed.

Thalia Mottola Career

As a member of the kid’s band “Pac-Man,” Thala launched her musical career in 1981. To assist them in taking part in the talent competition “Let’s Play While Singing,” the group was established. Later, the name of the group was changed to “Din-Din.”

The group’s most well-liked performer, Thala, appeared at a lot of gatherings and parties. Also on their journey was Mexico. The band issued four albums between 1982 and 1984, with limited success. The group, however, eventually split up.

Thalia Mottola Net Worth
Thalia Mottola Net Worth

Thala pursued her artistic goals independently after leaving “Din-Din” and took part in several events throughout the nation. She performed as a solo artist on numerous platforms and gained the moniker “contemporary rock girl.” She also gave collective performances.

She formally joined the kids’ band “Timbiriche” in 1986, by which time it had released five albums. She also had a starring role in the telenovela “Quinceaera,” in which she played “Beatriz,” the co-lead. The “Premios TVyNovelas” honoured Thala with the “Best New Actress” title.

Together with her band, she also recorded the show’s theme song. Four albums were produced by Thala and “Timbiriche.” She formally left the band in 1989. She appeared in the television series “Light and Shadow” the same year and performed her first major main role.

She also made a brief trip to the US to brush up on her English. She enrolled at the “University of California” to pursue her interests in acting, dance, and music. She went back to her own country in 1990 and began making a living as a solo performer.

She released her debut solo album, “Thala,” under the “Fonovisa” label in the same year. Four singles from the album went on to become top radio hits across the nation. It had a mediocre level of success. The second album Thala published in 1991 was a bigger success than the first.

The CD, titled “Mundo de Cristal,” was a huge radio smash and sold a lot of copies. It received “double gold” certification in Mexico. Thala’s third album, “Love,” earned her another success story and received “platinum” and “gold” certifications in Mexico.

The CD transcended national boundaries and became a huge smash throughout all of Latin America. She entered into a contract with the record company EMI in 1994. Her subsequent album, “En Éxtasis,” which featured seven hits, was released in 1995.

One of the singles, “Piel Morena,” smashed numerous national records and shot to fame around the world. The song received a ton of praise in the US and was held in high esteem as the greatest Spanish song ever. Thala continued her enviable career in the US by releasing further albums.

She began receiving invitations to appear at theatrical productions throughout the nation. She received an invitation to a party in 2001 from US President George W. Bush. She is renowned for being the best Mexican female music icon in the US.

Her acting career has been moderately successful as well. She had an appearance in the wildly popular telenovela “Mara Mercedes” in 1992. In its sequels, “Marimar” and “Mara la del Barrio,” she also made an appearance. Most people agree that “Marimar” is the greatest telenovela of all time.

Thala has dabbled in the fashion industry. In 2002, she began selling her apparel and accessory brand after agreeing to a contract with Kmart. She is the owner of the Thala Eyewear Collection company, which is affiliated with Kenmark Optical. She also has her confectionery and chocolate company.

Thalia Mottola Net Worth

Mexican singer-songwriter Thala Mottola, popularly known as Thala, is also an entrepreneur, and actor, and has a $60 million fortune. It should be mentioned that her husband Tommy Mottola, who has a net worth of over $500 million, is responsible for a sizeable amount of her wealth.

Many people believe Thala to be the most popular Latina star in history. She has sold more than 40 million records globally as of this writing, with 22 of those nations having awarded her albums the Gold or Platinum designation.

Actual Property

In Greenwich, Connecticut, Thala and Tommy paid $2.85 million for a 6-acre undeveloped tract of land. Their nine-bedroom, 12,300-square-foot dream home, which has a footbridge leading to a tiny private island on the property’s lake, took three years to plan and construct.

They first put the house up for sale in April 2017 and eventually found a buyer for $14.875 million in April 2019.

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She is 51 years old.


What does the name Thalia mean?

To flourish

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