Who Is Tony Hale’s Wife? Know About His Love Life!

Actor and comedian Tony Hale didn’t become well-known until his breakthrough appearances in Arrested Development and Veep in the 2000s and 2010s.

Even though Hale has had a successful acting career, the fact that he has been able to stay happily married to Emmy Award winner Martel Thompson for two decades is arguably even more impressive.

Who Is Martel Johnson?

Alabama-born makeup artist Thompson prefers to keep the majority of her private life hidden. Even her Instagram is heavily restricted. She labels herself a “trophy wife” on her Instagram account, which is funny.

Thompson has had a similar amount of experience in the entertainment sector as Hale, but Hale has higher name recognition. Hale’s wife joined the cast and crew of “Saturday Night Live” in 1996, marking her entry into the entertainment sector as a makeup artist.

A professional high point for her was winning a Daytime Emmy in 2003 for her performance on “All My Children.” Also, check our trending posts, Who Is Jonathan Majors’s Wife? and Who Is Lee Zeldin’s Wife?

When Did Tony And Martel Meet?

Hale and Thompson initially connected at Hale’s bible study for New York City artists, The Haven, even though they both work in the same field. They hit it off immediately away, and ever since, their love has been supported by their common faith in God.

A year after they first met, Hale asked his future fiancée to marry him in an extremely original but ultimately “dark” way. Hale and Thompson went to see the play “Stones in His Pockets” on their first date, but Hale was so nervous that he didn’t pay careful attention to the performance.

After some time passed, Hale came up with a clever plan to propose to her. He popped the question to Thompson in Ireland, the scene of the play, by slipping the ring into Thompson’s pocket. On May 24, 2003, the couple wed after she agreed.

Tony Hale Wife
Tony Hale Wife

Hale didn’t know the show was about suicide and that the title had something to do with how the main character died until he watched “Stones In His Pockets” again in the early 2010s.

Martel And Tony Have A Daughter

After a spell of residing in Los Feliz, Loy’s parents, Thompson and Hale, relocated to Studio City. She was born on February 24, 2006, and is the couple’s only child to date.

Hale claimed that Loy felt ashamed of him and his behavior when she was 13 years old. He claimed that since she enjoyed performing, she could pursue a career in show business.

The Secret To Martel Johnson And  Tony Hale’s Long Marriage

Hale, who referred to Thompson as his “lifeline,” acknowledged that the key to their nearly 20-year marriage was simply being there for one another and going on adventures together. The situation was made worse by Hale’s joking that Thompson disliked him because she had earlier told him not to expect her to see all of his movies.

Jokes aside, Tony Hale and Martel Thompson’s relationship is undoubtedly unique. Outstanding work.

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