Actor Treat Williams Ki!!ed in Tragic Motorcycle Collision at 71!

Star of stage, screen, and television Treat Williams was ki!!ed in a motorbike crash, his family said on Monday night. He was 71.

“It is with great sadness that we report that our beloved Treat Williams has passed away tonight in Dorset, Vermont after a fatal motorcycle accident,” the man’s family stated in a statement.

Williams was involved in an acc!dent with a Honda SUV in Dorset around 4:53 p.m. Monday that caused him to be thrown from his 1986 Honda motorcycle, according to a statement from the Vermont State Police.

State police reported that he was transported to Albany Medical Center in Albany, New York, where he was later pronounced deαd. The SUV’s unharmed driver was not issued a ticket, and police stated they were still investigating the collision.

Williams recently made a guest appearance in the HBO miniseries “We Own This City,” which was broadcast and streamed this spring and was about corruption in Baltimore. He portrayed the title role in the 2016 theatrical and digital releases of “The Congressman.”

Before landing the lead part of Danny Zuko in the Broadway smαsh “Grease” in the 1970s, he began his career as an understudy. However, his role as George Berger, a hippy in filmmaker Milo Forman’s 1979 counterculture classic “Hair,” marked his big breakthrough.

That made it possible for him to land parts in numerous movies, such as John Erman’s version of Tennessee Williams’ masterpiece “A Streetcar Named Desire,” Steven Spielberg’s “1941,” Sidney Lumet’s “Prince of the City,” Sergio Leone’s “Once Upon a Time in America,” and many more.

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Williams appeared on “Law & Order,” “Blue Bloods,” and other television series over his career. He frequently portrayed a patriarch who appeared kind but harbored a touch of corruption.

In more recent roles, he played Dr. Andrew Brown in the WB series “Everwood” and Brian Grabler, a retired Baltimore police investigator, in “We Own This City.” He serves as a professor in the latter series and, according to a press release from HBO, “recognizes much of what has gone wrong” with the city’s police department.

Williams’ IMDb page states that he was born to Marian and Richard Norman Williams in Rowayton, Connecticut. He attended prep school before enrolling at Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania, where he began studying theater and screen acting.

His biography states he spent summers at Lancaster’s Fulton Theatre steeped in theatre classics. Later success allowed Williams to spend his free time flying, and he earned his pilot’s license and instructor certification.

His family claimed that his loved ones were “beyond devastated.” “Treat was full of love for his family, for his life, and for his craft, and was truly at the top of his game in all of it,” the family stated.

“It’s all so shocking right now, but please know that Treat was dearly and deeply loved and respected by his family and everyone who knew him.”

Treat Williams Deαd

Williams’ co-star in the movie “The Christmas House,” Sharon Lawrence, described herself as “stunned” by the news of his passing. “My heart aches for the loss. What a remarkable man,” she wrote on Instagram.

Williams  “enjoyed his life so much. He created a beautiful existence and example of solid love. He was honest and clear and dedicated to his family and passions. I can’t imagine his loved ones’ loss — it’s just shattering.” she remarked.

Kim Cattrall, Sharon Stone, and John Travolta were among the stars who paid tribute to Williams. Travolta remarked in an Instagram story that Williams would be missed as he shared a picture of them from their time together on Broadway.

“Treat Williams and I got our start together in NYC appearing in 2 Broadway shows, ‘Grease’ and ‘Over Here’,” Travolta wrote. “I’m so sorry Treat. My thoughts are with you and your family. You will be missed,” he said.

Stone commented, “Sad news, rest in peace, brother.” After learning of Williams’ passing, Cattrall tweeted that she was “in shock” and referred to him as a “wonderful actor and friend.”

David Simon, the creator of “We Own This City,” a former journalist for the Baltimore Sun, expressed his gratitude to Williams for joining the cast.

“After years of cop reporting, ‘Prince Of The City’ was the only film that made me believe anyone else knew the truth about the drug war,” he tweeted. “So honored when Treat Williams signed on to deliver our own, later critique of the disaster. RIP to a legendary actor and a fine, gracious man.”

In a 2011 interview with A.V. Club, Williams praised his early film work, claiming that “Hair” was “the greatest film experience of my life.”

“It was just really, really fun,” he said. “I loved John Savage and Beverly D’Angelo, and Milos Forman is one of the great filmmakers of all time. That was really an honor to be a part of.” His wife, Pam Van Sant, and their kids, Gill Williams and Elinor Williams, are still alive.

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