Von Miller Net Worth: A Deep Dive Into His Earnings!

There’s no denying that the 34-year-old linebacker Von Miller has had an outstanding NFL career and established himself. He is currently with the Buffalo Bills on his third team. Von Miller’s 2023 net worth is a significant question, though, given where he is in his career.

Miller is undoubtedly still a divisive figure in the NFL. He played ten seasons with the Denver Broncos, where he received most of his awards. Furthermore, nothing caught our attention when NFL.com named him the MVP of Super Bowl 50 following the 2015 NFL season.

Apart from that, he has won two Super Bowls, one with the Los Angeles Rams and the other with the Broncos. Miller’s accomplishments as the 2011 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year and eight-time Pro Bowler are additional noteworthy citations. Stay tuned until the end as we talk more about Von Miller’s Net Worth.

Von Miller’s Net Worth

Von Miller has accumulated a $60 million net worth as of 2023. The majority of his wealth has come from revenues from the NFL, along with investments he has made in other endeavors.

It is hardly shocking that Von Miller has accumulated so much money thus far, given his success and notoriety in the NFL. When his endorsements and pay were combined, he was among the most-paid athletes at the height of his career.

Von Miller Net Worth

Miller’s salary is estimated to be $144 million. Right now, he is under contract with the Bills for six years at a whopping $120 million. According to Ian Rapoport, the agreement allegedly contains $51 million in guarantees in addition to an average of $17.5 million per year for the first four seasons.

In addition to playing football professionally, Miller has endorsement agreements with numerous companies. He was previously associated with Muzik headphones and Chef’s Cut Jerky. He currently has contracts with Best Buy and Adidas.

Von Miller Wealth

Like other intelligent athletes, Miller has made prudent financial decisions. Having his farm and helping the younger generation are on that list. Von’s Vision is one of them; he founded it in 2012. The youth are to receive free eye exams and glasses from the charity. This two-day event is held multiple times a year.

In 2012, he also invested in a house in the Denver region. He bought a pad with a game room, bar, and home cinema for $925,000. In May 2022, he would finally put the property up for sale, asking $4.1 million. In the end, Miller sold it for $3.7 million.

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Von Miller’s legal issues

Miller still plays competitively, but he hasn’t been immune to legal troubles. He was accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend, and as a result, he is currently free on bond. The incident is said to have occurred on November 29, following a verbal altercation between Miller and his partner over the NFL player’s alleged assault of his girlfriend.

In the end, Miller turned himself into the police once an arrest warrant was issued. After posting a $5,000 bond, he was sent free, according to a source.

The Bills released a statement on the Von Miller case on Thursday, November 30.

Von Miller Endorsements

Big-name brands rarely target defensive players, but Von Miller’s reputation increased following the Broncos’ Super Bowl 50 triumph. He has previously provided his endorsement for products like Chef’s Cut Jerky and Muzik headphones. He currently has agreements with Best Buy and Adidas.

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