What Happened To Baby Deorr? A Tragic Camping Trip

DeOrr Kunz Jr., then two years old, went camping with his family at Timber Creek Campground in Lemhi County, Idaho, during the summer of 2015. However, that trip quickly became a nightmare when DeOrr appeared to vanish on July 10, 2015, in the afternoon.

Our folks, who had spent the day at the campground with tiny DeOrr, all had different stories about what had transpired. Furthermore, despite numerous searches over the years, authorities have not turned up a single trace of the young child since his abduction. Stay tuned until the end as we talk more about What Happened To Baby Deorr.

What Happened To Baby Deorr?

On July 10, 2015, at around 2:35 p.m., Baby DeOrr’s family called the Sheriff’s Office, claiming that DeOrr Jr. had vanished from their camp approximately an hour earlier, according to Lemhi County authorities.

Baby DeOrr’s parents stated in their first media interviews that they had left their son behind to explore the area, thinking that the child’s great-grandfather would keep an eye on him. “When I come back up to get him, I yelled over to Grandpa, ‘Where’s Little DeOrr?’” DeOrr Sr. said. “He [was] immediately shocked. He says, ‘I thought he came up to you.’” he remarks. The family claims that following that, they started looking for the youngster on their own and called the police.

Nate Eaton shared a post on Facebook about Baby Deorr Missing:

Following a three-day search, Baby DeOrr’s parents started to suspect that their son wasn’t just lost in the mountains; instead, he had been abducted. Professional volunteer crews have conducted numerous searches of the isolated campground in the years following that day, but they have been unable to find any evidence of Baby DeOrr.

Nearly four years after DeOrr vanished, in June 2019, cadaver dogs in the area of the Timbercreek Campground, where DeOrr and his family had been staying, gave police hope that they had made a significant breakthrough in their investigation. But it seems like that search has finally come to an end as well.

A lot of intricate details have further complicated the matter. First, during the previous five years, Baby DeOrr’s family employed two different private investigators; both of them resigned, citing discrepancies in the family members’ narratives. Phillip Klein, one of the investigators, is the target of multiple lawsuits alleging that he fabricated evidence.

What Happened To Baby Deorr

Bob Walton passed away in the summer of 2019; he never acknowledged having any idea where Baby DeOrr was. DeOrr’s parents were listed as suspects in his disappearance in 2016, but they have never been taken into custody or faced any charges.

There are numerous theories on DeOrr’s circumstances. Many speculate that he might have died before the camping trip. Some people suspect that his parents planned an illicit adoption and made up the tale of him running away as a cover-up. In spite of the fact that authorities have never discovered any remains or other proof that he was there, it’s also possible that he did indeed wander off.

Regretfully, we are unaware of Baby DeOrr’s fate on that July day in 2015 because the case is still pending. Nonetheless, many individuals are trying to figure out what occurred and hoping that he will eventually be located by working in both professional and amateur capacities.

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The grandmother of Baby DeOrr is steadfast in her belief that she will soon receive closure on her grandson’s disappearance.

In July 2023, Trina Clegg, the toddler’s grandmother, released a statement saying, “Today marks 8 years of this ongoing nightmare. I still have faith and pray for answers everyday. I remember all the great times, laughs and your beautiful eyes and smile. I have and will never give up hoping for the answers until the day I die. I give great thanks to everyone who still helps with looking and keeping positive thoughts and prayers in the name of baby DeOrr.”

Trina continued, “I am eternally grateful for all law enforcement that continues to help seek for the answers to the nightmare at Timber Creek Camp Ground. I love you baby DeOrr today, tomorrow and for eternal!” We hope Baby DeOrr’s family can soon find closure!

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