What Happens to Sab and Henry in the Game of The Last of Us?

Even though The Last of Us fans saw it coming, it’s still unsettling to see what happened in real life to Henry (Lamar Johnson) and Sam (Keivonn Woodard). They’ve managed to escape troubled Kansas City, the infected have destroyed the rebels after them, and Joel has invited their new companions to travel to Wyoming.

It appears the story has a happy ending, but of course, we’re talking about The Last of Us. In reality, even when nice things occur, they are swiftly followed by something dreadful. The conclusion of “Endure and Survive” will destroy you, just like Bill and Frank’s solitary story before it did.

They have managed to avoid Kathleen’s party and have located a motel where they may spend the night, but their success is fleeting. Unknown to Joel and Henry, little Sam was scratched by one of the infected during their frantic escape, and despite Ellie’s attempt to treat him with her blood the previous night, he has turned into a vicious monster.

The situation worsens there: Henry is forced to shoot his younger brother to save Ellie, despite his initial attempts to stop Joel from killing Sam. Henry is heartbroken by his hasty choice to kill Sam and raises the gun to his head. Henry fires the shot before Joel can reason with him.

This chapter finishes as it began: Joel and Ellie are back on the road, plagued by all the people they’ve lost. Henry and Sam are buried beside the prison they worked so hard to escape. The Henry and Sam storyline is heavily based on the 2013 PlayStation classic, as The Last of Us fans will attest.

Nevertheless, Sam isn’t deaf in the game, so the HBO series takes some creative license. Indeed, Henry and Sam passed away in the game, and similarly (as you can see in the video below). Still, until then, their narrative diverges significantly from the HBO series.

What Happened to Sam and Henry in the Game?
                                                                              What Happened to Sam and Henry in the Game?

For starters, the organization pursuing Ellie, Joel, and Henry in the game has nothing to do with Henry and Sam. In actuality, this is the most significant departure. The absence of Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey) and her deceased brother Michael, the rebel leader, implies that the antagonists in that narrative version don’t genuinely hold a grudge against Henry.

Henry is not a FEDRA employee or a “rat,” as Joel refers to him briefly in the episode. But why do these people—referred to in the game as the Hunters—want to murder Henry and Sam? Merely because the brothers wandered into the domain of this hostile band to forage for necessities.

All of this happens in the game in Pittsburgh, not Kansas City. The Hunters were formerly peaceful individuals who, like in the HBO television series, became desperate and revolted against FEDRA forces with the help of the Fireflies. As FEDRA was deposed, the Hunters also turned on the Fireflies and finally took over the post-apocalyptic metropolis.

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But, with little in the way of food and resources, these rebels decided to ambush and kill other survivors who crossed their zone to seize their supplies. That is why they are referred to in the game as “Hunters.”

In the game, Henry and Sam are from Hartford, Connecticut. Still, after FEDRA abandoned their quarantine zone, they decided to travel to Pittsburgh with a group to scavenge, thinking the city was deserted. Instead, the heavily armed Hunters who were determined to kill them all met them. Of course, Henry and Sam’s group is dispersed all over the city.

A struggle breaks out when Joel and Henry mistake Sam and Henry for hunters when they see Joel and Ellie in an abandoned apartment complex. Yet, they ultimately decide to work together to flee the city. Joel is informed by Henry that his gang had agreed to meet at a radio tower outside of Pittsburgh as their rendezvous location and that Joel and Ellie can help him guide them there.

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With a few extra detours across the city, their escape is reminiscent of the HBO series. However, Joel uses a sniper rifle to clear a passage for Ellie, Henry, and Sam so they may go via the tunnels and across a street populated by Hunters and infected.

Sam gets scratched by one of the infected, sealing his doom, even though the action in the game isn’t quite as dramatic as when Kathleen corners Henry and the infected surge out of that pit. You are already aware of how the rest works.

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