Who Is Clay Aiken Married To? Discovering His Relationship Status!

Clayton Holmes Aiken, an American musician, television personality, actor, politician, and activist, was born on November 30, 1978. Raleigh, North Carolina, is where Clay Aiken was born and reared.

Aiken sang in the Raleigh Boychoir when he was a little child, and as a teenager, he participated in musicals, school choruses, church choirs, and regional theater shows.

After graduating from high school, he performed and co-hosted “Just by Chance and Friends” events in Dunn, North Carolina, with the local band Just By Chance, singing lead.

At the North Carolina Music Connection and Hometown Music Connection performances in Garner and Benson, as well as the Johnston Community College Country Showcase in Smithfield, he served as MC and performer. Keep scrolling for all the deets we know on Clay Aiken’s love life.

Who Is Clay Aiken Married To?

American Singer Clay Aiken is not married. Clay has had three prominent relationships since coming out as g@y in public in 2008. From 2008 through 2010, Aiken dated former Survivor competitor Reed Kelly. In 2010, it was alleged that Aiken had a romantic relationship with Devin Finn after splitting from Kelly.

Jeff Walters and Aiken were together from 2010 until 2011. He had a son with his “dear friend” Jaymes Foster Levy prior to coming out. Their son, Parker Foster Aiken, was conceived through in vitro fertilization, and the two are not thought to have shared a romantic relationship.

Aiken is reportedly single as of May 2023. He has been a vocal supporter of LGBTQ+ rights ever since coming out and has addressed anti-g@y bullying on Capitol Hill on behalf of the G@y, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network.

Is Clay Aiken G@y?

Yes, renowned American musician and American Idol candidate Clay Aiken openly admitted to being g@y in September 2008. Aiken received a commendation from the Family Equality Council at its annual benefit luncheon in New York City in April 2009.

Aiken traveled to Washington, D.C., on November 18, 2010, to speak against anti-g@y bullying at a Capitol Hill briefing on behalf of the G@y, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

Who Is Clay Aiken Married To
Who Is Clay Aiken Married To

Is Clay Aiken In A Relationship?

Clay has been quiet about his love life after their breakup with Jeff. However, if you look at his Instagram, he posted a picture with Broadway performer Thayne Jasperson in June 2020. Clay captioned the photo, “I’ve been told we never take any pictures together,” implying that his relationship with Thayne was one that clearly called for more pictures.

Whether or not they were/are romantically involved is unknown, but pictures of Thayne may be found on Clayton’s account as early as 2016.


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What is Clay Aiken’s Net Worth?

American singer-songwriter Clay Aiken is also a politician, novelist, media personality, and activist. Aiken has a $4 million dollar net worth. Aiken gained the most notoriety after placing second on the reality TV program “American Idol” in 2003.

Despite coming in last in the contest, Clay went on to have a fruitful musical career. He has sold more than 5 million albums throughout the years, some of which have been certified platinum. He has the fourth-highest overall “American Idol” earnings.

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Clay Aiken Career

Following his rendition of Heatwave’s “Always and Forever,” Clay Aiken moved on to the next round of “American Idol.” After round 32, he was ultimately eliminated, but Clay was permitted to come back during the “Wild Card” part of the competition.

He was able to proceed to the final twelve because of this, where he dazzled listeners with songs like “Solitaire” and “Build Me Up Buttercup.” He barely lost the 2003 general election to Ruben Studdard. Nevertheless, Aiken refined his look and manner to the point that he could be considered a rock star.

Clay later in 2003 published his debut album, “Measure of a Man.” The album’s first week saw over 600,000 units sold. It eventually achieved double platinum status, catapulting Aiken to global renown.

A Christmas album was released as a follow-up, and he then made a studio comeback with “A Thousand Different Ways.” Sales sadly started to decline after the publication of his subsequent album, “On My Way Here.” Due to this, Clay decided to break up with RCA. The next albums were “Tried and True” and “Steadfast.”

Clay has appeared in a variety of TV shows aside from his appearances on “American Idol” and his later music career. There are several of these, such as “Saturday Night Live,” “The Tonight Show,” “Ed,” “Scrubs,” “Days of Our Lives,” “America’s Next Top Model,” “30 Rock,” and “Phineas and Ferb.” During the fifth season of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” he also came in second place and earned $361,500 for the National Inclusion Project.


In 2014, Clay Aiken was the Democratic Party’s candidate for North Carolina’s second congressional district. He then narrowly lost the general election. Some of his most outspoken political views involve g@y marriage.

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