Who is Josh Duggar Wife? Anna’s Support During Josh’s Incarceration!

Josh and Anna are still together despite having a long-distance relationship while Josh is incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institute (FCI) in Seagoville, Texas.

Josh and Anna’s children are Mackynzie, Maryella, Marcus, Mason, Michael, Meredith, and Madyson. Anna was thinking about relocating to the south to be nearer to Josh.

Josh, however, claimed in an exclusive interview with In Touch that he thought Anna would be “influenced to leave him” if she left their Arkansas home.

“The problem is that Josh doesn’t want Anna and their kids moving away from his family,” which is the problem, the insider said. “He thinks it will create too much of a disconnection for her and his kids.”

“can’t raise his kids from prison and he’s afraid of outside influences,” the insider claimed of the 19 Kids and Counting alum.

The source continued, “He doesn’t want anyone but Anna and his immediate family to guide his children.” “He also fears that if Anna is distanced from his family, she might be influenced to leave him.”

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What Opinion Has Anna Duggar About Her Relationship With Josh Duggar?

Another insider exclusively revealed to In Touch that Anna was “working hard” to accept that Josh might not be in her life for the foreseeable future even though she hoped to move to Texas with their seven children.

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“Anna doesn’t want to get her hopes up, and while he’ll always be the father of her children, she’s not sure if there is a future with Josh,” the insider said. “As far as I know she still communicates with Josh, but in her heart, all she has left is her children and her faith.”

To a third source, Anna must make a challenging choice if Josh’s appeal of his conviction is turned down.

Josh, the former TLC star, “Anna’s not sure what will happen if Josh’s appeal gets denied,”  the insider claimed. “Permanently moving closer to her sister is a real option, [though] she’s torn. Anna will have to make some very crucial life decisions.”

Is Anna Duggar’s Relationship with Josh Duggar’s Family?

Josh’s parents, Jim Bob, and Michelle Duggar, and his 18 siblings were very tight with Anna, but it now seems that their bonds have shifted since Josh moved away.

“The Duggar family fully supports Anna, but it’s complicated. There are a lot of hurt feelings over what Josh did,” another insider exclusively told about their current family dynamic. “She still attends family functions because her kids love their cousins, aunts, and uncles, but it’s not the same for Anna.”

Who is Josh Duggar Wife

Anna also considered relocating to Texas to “distance herself from Josh’s sisters.” A second person who talked, “It started after some family members spoke out about Josh’s arrest.” “Anna took it as a betrayal, and she’s still not ready to fully forgive some family members.”

Anna vehemently disagreed with her sister-in-law Jill Duggar Dillard’s involvement in the Prime Video docuseries Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets, which explored the Duggars’ celebrity and demise and was released in June 2023.

The family insider exclusively revealed on June 6, 2023, “Josh’s wife Anna isn’t a fan of Jill. While she isn’t saying much, I hear she doesn’t want to watch the documentary and thinks the people who participated are toxic.”

“Anna’s faith has been tested enough, but apparently she’s still a strong believer. She has shifted away from the core beliefs of IBLP, but her faith is all she has.” “Some say Anna needs to watch it for another wake-up call, but she’s not ready. She’s still trying to cope with what Josh did,” the source continued.

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